How to win with Astra in Valorant – tips and strategies

I am on a higher plane, chale. Literally.

Image via Riot Games

Ghanian agent Astra is one of the hardest agents to play in Valorant, but when mastered, she quickly becomes one of the best controller agents in the entire game. Her ability to control the entire map no matter where she is located is unrivaled in Valorant. You can concuss, smoke, and pull in enemies from the complete opposite side of the map with ease, just as long as you know you’re in a safe spot yourself. While Astra might be incredibly strong, she definitely takes some getting used to, so here are some tips and tricks to succeed while playing Astra.

Understand Astral Form

Astra is all about placing and recalling Stars. Unlike other agents, all of Astra’s abilities must be placed in her Astra Form for them to be usable. While this may seem tricky at first, mastering quickly entering your Astral Form, placing Stars, and exiting to get back in the fight is essential for Astra players.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are, of course, the default spots you should be placing Stars for smokes, but Astra also excels at using her Astral Form in tough situations. For example, if you sense a rush coming to B site on Ascent, don’t be afraid to quickly switch to Astral Form and place Stars to concuss, pull the enemies in, and stop their rush.

Communication is key

Astra is way harder to play if you aren’t talking to your team. As an Astra player, expect to hear calls each round asking for smokes and pulls to help your team enter or defend. It is also crucial to communicate with your team what is going to be smoked off for them as they make their pushes. Be sure that you and your team are mutually agreed that you will be the last one in most of the time, as losing Astra utility is detrimental to a round. Smart and precise play is key to Astra, but when mastered, you’ll find that Valorant is easier than ever.