How Voicemod is helping content creators craft their online identities

Live voice-changing app ‘Voicemod’ is giving content creators a new way to express themselves.

Voicemod Voice Changer

Images via Voicemod

Voice changing applications have been around for a long time. Whether they are used for altering an actor’s voice in post for a movie, or pulling a prank call with your friends, these apps are widely used tools. In the world of online gaming, live voice changers offer so many possibilities to players. Lately, VTubers, streamers, and other content creators have been leveling up their online gaming identities with one voice charger in particular called Voicemod.

Voicemod is a voice changing software with free and premium versions that is optimized for many popular online games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PUBG. You can use the free version, get the premium on a subscription basis, or buy a lifetime license.

What Voicemod can do

New update voicemod
Screenshot by Gamepur

Part of what makes Voicemod special is that it is highly customizable. There is a set of voices that come preloaded in the premium version, but you also have access to the Voicelab. This allows you to use sliders to create custom voices.

There is also a soundboard subsect that is “a very important piece of the part of the app,” Voicemod CEO Jaime Bosch Criado told Gamepur in an interview. Bosch cleverly views soundboards as the audio equivalent to emojis and GIFs. Soundboards are great for streamers, but they are just as fun to mess with people in-game.

Another cool thing about Voicemod is that is it is always growing, changing, and evolving. Bosch talked to us about how he wants to deliver new content to Voicemod users frequently, and hopefully expand to as many platforms as possible.

Who is Voicemod for?

One distinct point that Bosch made was how he wants Voicemod to “allow people to sound the way they want to sound and to be heard the way they want to be heard.” So, the broadest answer to who is Voicemod for would be anyone who wants to sound different for any reason. That said, we also discussed some specific categories of people that might be most inclined to give Voicemod a try.

  • Creators with a distinct online persona
    • V-Tubers
    • Roleplayers (DnD or other)
    • Furries
    • Cosplayers
    • Trolls
  • Queer & Gender Nonconforming people
    • Trans/nonbinary individuals
    • Gender nonconforming individuals
    • Drag performers
  • Indie creators
    • Developers
    • Voice actors
    • Vocalists
    • Musicians

The power of being able to give yourself a voice that fits your VTuber persona, or a voice that makes you feel gender euphoria — these are the moments that Voicemod really shines in. Though stepping into the spotlight with the sound you want others to hear is empowering, no matter who you are.

We’ve talked a lot of about Voicemod in terms of content creation, but it can just as equally be for personal comfort. If you are just playing games and want to sound differently when playing them for any reason, Voicemod may appeal to you too. It can also be fun to troll others in game, or mess with your friends.

Overall, Voicemod seems to be very promising about what it brings to the table in terms of content, accessibility, and function. It is still growing as an application, but we are happy to follow its journey on the way to wherever it’s going.

You can download the free version of Voicemod here.