How Win Streak badges work in Apex Legends

Can you win back-to-back?

All Win Streak Badges

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Winning in Apex Legends is one thing — winning consistently and consecutively is another thing entirely. Getting those back-to-back wins though, if you can pull it off, comes with some serious bragging rights. You can show them off on your banner and show the competition that you are not one to be messed with. There are three different types of Win Streak badges: Battle Royale (account), Battle Royale (Legend specific), and Arenas.

Win Streak badge

Win Streak
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The Win Streak badge is for Battle Royale and is tied to your account, rather than a specific Legend. The badge is green in color and has four tiers signifying the length of your longest Battle Royale win streak: 2, 3, 4, or 5. After winning five games of Battle Royale in a row, the badge will stop evolving.

Hot Streak badge

Hot Streak
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Hot Streak has no leveling system, but it is tied to a Legend rather than your account. This means that if you always want it on your banner when you play, you need to win it Legend by Legend. To earn this badge, you must win two games you play with a specific Legend in a row.

Note that if you get a win with a Legend, lose with a different Legend, but then win with the first Legend again, it still counts, because you won both games played with that specific Legend.

Arenas Win Streak badge

Arenas Win Streak
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The Arenas Win Streak badge and the fancier Impress Me variant from completing the Season 8 Arenas teaser quest show how many Arenas games you have won in a row from 0 to 99. If you reach 100 wins in a row, you will instead see a picture of Ash. There is no upgrade beyond that. This is also an account badge; there are no Legend-specific win streak badges for Arenas.