Is Embr cross platform/crossplay?

Extinguish those platform flame wars with your pals.


Image via Curve Games

Embr is a wacky multiplayer game that revolves around a group of firefighters navigating various precarious situations. Whether it’s putting out fires, narrowly avoiding lasers, or delivering packages across its 25 levels, it doesn’t take itself seriously. Its lighthearted nature lends itself to co-op gameplay, leading to the question: Does Embr feature crossplay?

Fortunately, Embr does have crossplay on nearly every platform. PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and even Google Stadia users can play together in a single session, which supports up to four players. The Nintendo Switch remains the sole outlier. For some undisclosed reason, multiplayer on Nintendo’s hybrid system is locked to its own ecosystem.

This could be down Nintendo’s online infrastructure or the game’s general performance, which may make implementing crossplay more difficult than the other platforms. Whatever the reason, for the most versatile online experience, you can’t go wrong with any other version of Embr.

Embr released in late 2021 after over a year of Steam early access. Its official launch didn’t make much of a splash despite mostly positive reviews on Steam. The January 2022 Xbox Game Pass launch will undoubtedly lead to an influx of new players, possibly even convincing existing owners on other platforms to join in on hazardous hijinks.