Is Final Fantasy VII Remake coming to PC, Xbox One, and Switch?

With Final Fantasy VII Remake finally coming out on PS4, is there any chance it will appear on PC, Xbox, or Switch?

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Image via Square Enix

Five years after its announcement at E3 2015, Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally heading to PlayStation 4 on April 10. The remake brings a whole new battle system and graphics rebuilt from the ground up to the classic RPG, though it only covers a small portion of the original game, with the rest coming piecemeal, hopefully in the next couple of years.

While fans are no doubt rejoicing to finally get their hands on a new version of one of the most beloved PlayStation games of all time, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players are left wondering if they’ll ever get a chance to play Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Has Final Fantasy VII Remake been announced for multiple platforms?

From the beginning, Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced as a PlayStation title. When the game debuted at E3 2015, it was shown as part of the PlayStation press conference, which makes sense given that the original Final Fantasy VII was also exclusive to Sony’s console at the time of its launch.

In the years since its announcement, leading up to its release on PS4, there has been no official confirmation of Final Fantasy VII Remake making its way to any other platform. At the same time, there’s also been no definitive announcement that it won’t be coming out elsewhere, and there have been a few hints that that’s at least a possibility.

Could Final Fantasy VII Remake ports come in the future?

In December 2019, Twitter user Wario64, who has a history of reliable leaks, posted an image of the Final Fantasy VII Remake box cover with a notice that it was a timed PS4 exclusive until March 3, 2021. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will come to other platforms after that, it does mean that it’s possible, and given how important of a game Final Fantasy VII Remake is, it’s hard to imagine other platform-holders not wanting to get their hands on it. It’s also worth noting that the remake’s release date at the time was scheduled for March 3, 2020, so that exclusivity would now be extended until April 10, 2021 to make up for the PS4 release delay.

Wario64 on Twitter

Final Fantasy VII Remake box art updated with timed exclusive disclaimer – until March 3, 2021

Another clue came along with the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo. Twitter user Roxanne, another reliable leaker and PlayStation development insider, reported that datamining in the demo found leftover PC code in the game’s files, along with references to higher resolutions for NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.

Roxanne on Twitter

@Joonie86 Yeah already discussed this yesterday in Discord with others that there are many “many” signs inside the Demo that we will see a future PC Port sooner or later. There is PC Code still left inside, and it mentions various higher Resolutions together with some NVIDIA and AMD stuff.

Also lending a little more credence to the idea of eventual Final Fantasy VII Remake ports is the fact that so many of Square Enix’s games have had multiple platform releases lately. Final Fantasy XV made its way to PC more than a year after its launch on PS4 and Xbox One, Dragon Quest Builders 2 came to PC five months after is PS4 and Switch launch, and Octopath Traveler moved to PC about a year after it debuted on Switch. Even the original Final Fantasy VII is now available on PC, Xbox One, and Switch, with the Xbox and Switch versions coming just last March.

So far, there’s no confirmation of a Final Fantasy VII Remake port for PC, Xbox One, or Switch, but it’s not out of the question. One thing that’s certain is that it won’t come for at least a year after the game launches on PS4, but the likelihood of it coming at least to PC after then seems fairly high.

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