Is Hunter’s Arena: Legends cross platform/crossplay?

Can you eliminate players from both sides?

Image via Mantisco

Hunter’s Arena: Legends brings character action combat into a battle royale space, and while that sounds excellent on paper, a multiplayer game lives and dies by its player base. Cross platform functionality or crossplay allows for more longevity within a battle royale title.

Thankfully, Hunter’s Arena: Legends enables crossplay by default when you first launch the game. You can team up or battle it out against players on the PC. While it’s great that both PlayStation and PC can play together, it seems like you can’t add party members from another system, at least on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. On the party menu, it doesn’t give you an option.

Keeping crossplay enabled, on the other hand, will make sure you have significantly shorter waiting times to find a match. As this battle royale is restricted to 30 players, it should be easier to find players once the game dies down in interest.

Unfortunately, Hunter’s Arena: Legends is currently rough around the edges with poor animation that will likely turn off players before it gets any better. Enabling ray tracing on the PS5 also seems to be problematic as players have experienced low frame rates.