Is MythForce cross platform/crossplay?

Your adventuring party might be limited.

Image via Aspyr Media

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MythForce, a roguelike action RPG that is openly inspired by 80s style Saturday morning cartoons, stands out most for its vibrant sword and sorcery style visuals. Beyond that, though, the game’s biggest draw may well be its emphasis on four player co-op. But how easy will it be to trek through all the skeleton-filled dungeons with your friends who use different platforms?

Unfortunately, MythForce doesn’t support crossplay, but this is because it’s only currently available on one platform. There is still a chance that could change going forward, but as of this writing it isn’t clear when or even if that will happen. At this point, the game is only available as an Epic Games Store exclusive. On a related note, we don’t currently have any information indicating that the game would include cross platform progression, in the event that it does eventually come to consoles or the Steam store.

For more details on the nature of the exclusive deal with Epic Games, check our guide on the topic, which goes over why a Steam release of MythForce doesn’t seem likely any time soon. In short though, the game’s publisher, Aspyr Media, lists it simply as an exclusive title, rather than a timed exclusive.

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