Is PlayStation Plus down? How to check PlayStation server status

Even the mightiest fall down.

Image via Sony

When a game’s server is down, it’s annoying because you lose access to that one game. When a platform’s servers go down, it is aggravating because you can lose access to all of your digital games, friend list, and other features. PlayStation Plus is an online service that is known to run pretty well for the most part but can also run into its own issues. Here is how to check on the current server status for PlayStation.

How to find PlayStation Plus server status

To find the current status of PlayStation Plus’ servers, you need to go to the official status page for PlayStation. This page will be split between five different categories:

  • Account management
  • Gaming and social
  • PlayStation Direct
  • PlayStation Store
  • PlayStation Video

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For the purposes of playing online and accessing your PlayStation Plus content, you will want to check the Account management, Gaming, and social categories. If they are experiencing issues, the green circle next to their names will be orange, and you can drop down to the details page to see exactly what parts of the service are affected.

Whenever PlayStation Plus begins to have server issues, you usually are cut off from a lot of your digital content and may have issues signing into your account when connected to the internet. When this happens, there really is not much you can do besides waiting for Sony to fix their problems. We recommend playing an offline game or watching a video in the meantime if you can still access your digital library.

If you are having problems accessing the servers, but the status page says things are running well, we recommend fully restarting your console and checking your internet connection. If that doesn’t help, get in contact with PlayStation Support directly so they can help you out.