Is Ragnarok Origin Pay-to-win? Answered

Does this popular anime phone game have bonuses only obtainable by spending some cash?

Gacha example

Screenshot by Gamepur

Ragnarok Origin, the latest Ragnarok Online game from Gravity, follows in a chain of games that aim to monetize the popular IP. While not strictly a “gachapon” game, where you must draw from a random pool of rewards to obtain rare units, Ragnarok Origin does feature a gear gacha — a gacha designed to obtain costumes and equippable gear — as well as a special currency store.

This does, unfortunately, make Ragnarok Origin “pay-to-win”. Some very desirable pieces of gear are locked away in the gacha, such as the item posted up above. A flat 3.50% damage increase, in addition to bonus ATK or MATK in one slot item is very good indeed. The store, on the other hand, features items that are extremely helpful in maximizing your character, be it from gear upgrade materials to Eden Coin Chests.

That said, this is only if you are interested in optimizing your anime hero. It absolutely is not required to progress in this game, and indeed, can be ignored in favor of playing the game normally. It functions similar to an MMO, where you progress by completing quests and leveling your character’s Base and Job levels. You can still kill bosses and experience the story without spending a penny, but it will be slower than others who can afford to throw some cash at the game.