Is Rainbow Pigment in Monster Hunter Rise?

Taste the rainbow.

Image via Capcom

There is more to hunting monsters in Monster Hunter Rise than simply tracking down the beasts and felling them. Players also want to look good while they do it. This is where armor customization comes in, allowing players to unlock pigments to dye their armor.

One of the most sought-after pigments in Monster Hunter is always the Rainbow Pigment. This is, usually, extremely hard to get, required a massive time investment on the part of the players who want it.

At the moment, nobody knows what the requirements are to get Rainbow Pigment in Monster Hunter Rise, or even if it is in the game. The pigment usually requires that players capture every monster, complete every quest, and then do even more game-specific tasks.

There is also a chance the Rainbow Pigment won’t become available until after a future update that introduces more monsters and quests to the game. For now, anyone on the hunt for Rainbow Pigment will simply need to do absolutely everything in the game and see if it unlocks.

Being the rarest color in the game, there is no doubt that it will take a lot of effort to unlock. We will be keeping an eye on the community’s search for Rainbow Pigment, and will update this article as more information comes to light.