Is roster sharing in NHL 22?

Has it been added?

Image via EA Sports

Roster sharing has not ever been in the NHL franchise, something that other sports series, including Madden and NBA 2K, have had in prior games. This feature has been requested by many in the NHL community for years, especially since virtually all NHL Draft picks out of college can’t be added into the game by EA due to rights issues. So, will roster sharing be implemented into NHL 22? We have some info on it, and we think that you might like the answer.

For the first time ever, roster sharing will be in NHL 22. The NHL development team confirmed that the feature will be implemented into the game during a special livestream that occurred on October 4.

NHL 22 players will be able to create custom rosters and share them with other users via download. So, if you want to create college players, or legend teams, and upload these rosters to the NHL servers, you will now have the option to do so for the first time ever. However, this feature won’t be available right off the bat.

EA Sports confirmed that while it will be in NHL 22, it won’t be live come launch day. The addition of roster sharing will be implemented into NHL 22 via a title update that is scheduled to go live during the month of December.