Is Super Animal Royale cross platform/crossplay?

Time to take down those dirty *insert other platform here* players!

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Cross-play is one of the most exciting advancements the video game industry has accepted in recent years. It used to be laughable to think you could play a game with other people on different platforms. Luckily, we live in a time where it is becoming more of the norm to expect games on multiple platforms to open the gates for everyone to play together.

Super Animal Royale is taking steps to get on other platforms itself. This free-to-play battle royale game originally was exclusive to Steam Early Access but has since made the jump to Xbox Game Preview before its full release, which will also see it come to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation platforms. With the jump to new hardware, does Super Animal Royale support cross-play functionality?

Yes, Super Animal Royale does support cross-play functionality with all platforms regardless of where you are playing, but it might not be as deep of a cross-play connection as you want. While the game can make matches with you against players on Steam on day one of the Xbox release, we have not found a way that you can create a party with people on other platforms. If this functionality is ever added, we will be sure to update this article, but as of this writing, the only cross-play functionality is to matchmake against other platforms. No party cross-play involved.

To turn on cross-play, select Change on your party settings to set up a solo, duo, or squads game. At the bottom of this box will be the cross-play setting so you can play against people on other platforms. Select Accept when done for the changes to go through.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While it may be disappointing that you cannot create a party with other platform players, the ability to incorporate cross-play into matchmaking means that Super Animal Royale will always have a larger player base to pull from making matchmaking much faster than it might normally be.