Is there an official Hogwarts Legacy Discord? Hogwarts Legacy Discord link

You can easily make friends who love Hogwarts Legacy as much as you do.

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Have you been playing Hogwarts Legacy recently and wondered if there is a community of people just like you? Possibly a Discord server? Well, you are in luck. There is a Discord server for Hogwarts Legacy. Here is what you need to know about how to join it.

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Hogwarts Legacy Discord server

Fans all over the world have joined the Hogwarts Legacy Discord server for different reasons. Maybe it was because they love the game and want help learning how to complete quests, or maybe they just are die-hard Harry Potter fans and want more like-minded friends, or some might even attack the game if you know what I mean. But luckily that is maintained by the mods by saying, “this is not the place.”

A moderator shared “just for the record, we absolutely want to create…a good space for everyone, regardless of background, gender, or sexuality. Are trans rights human rights? Yes. But it’s getting really hard having a constant discussion here – there are better places which can accommodate true discussion of this topic because it does need to be discussed.”

This wasn’t the only mod to reach out and say something in order to keep the controversy calm on the server, another moderator also spoke. “Please keep it on-topic. As important as trans rights are, this is not the place.”

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If you are debating joining the Hogwarts Legacy discord server because you genuinely like the game, you don’t have to worry about getting into huge discussions about the controversy that could leave you feeling frustrated one way or another. Instead, the mods have worked to keep it just about gameplay so you will be able to freely make the choice to join and discuss the game or not. Discord can be downloaded on mobile phones, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.