Is Valorant region locked?

Mr. Worldwide.


Image via Riot Games

If you plan on getting into Valorant, you may be wondering if you can play with people in different regions. At the moment, players cannot take part in games in another region. If you sign up for North America, that is where you will play, and if you sign up for Europe, the same will apply. You will not be able to play matches in NA on an EU account, and vice versa.

The main Riot account that you use for all Riot games is where you initially pick your region, so if you really want to, you can set up a new account to play with your friends who may be in a different region. You will need to use a VPN to do this. If you have already invested some money and don’t want to leave your account behind, you can also request a region transfer through Riot Support

Region locking is something that Riot has carried over from League of Legends. In competitive games, ping and connection are important, and players will have a better experience if they have a better connection to the game servers. Geography and the distance to servers is an important factor, and lag can be a major issue in shooting games. 

As such, you should be aware that playing in a region that is quite a distance from you means that you will be experiencing significantly increase ping, which will impact your level of enjoyment.

While it might be tempting to play with your friends in another region, you will likely have a better time playing the game in your home region.