Is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Steam Deck compatible?

Not the best experience at the moment.

Image via Team Ninja

Players are eagerly diving into Team Ninja’s action RPG Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty with the hopes of experiencing an epic dark fantasy tale. The game is available on a lot of platforms, and even is a Game Pass title, but some players might want to try and play it on the go with the Steam Deck. Many games have trouble working for Steam Deck at launch, though Valve has taken strides to get more games verified right out of the gate. Let’s break down the performance of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on the Steam Deck.

Can you play Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on the Steam Deck?

Unfortunately, those looking to experience Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on Valve’s nifty handheld device will probably be left frustrated at the moment. The game is not an officially verified title, and Team Ninja has not optimized it with the Steam Deck in mind. Players have noted some major hiccups when trying to get it to work for the Steam Deck.

The game is entirely launchable, but the frame rate consistency is a huge issue. Players have noted frame rates dropping and stuttering even on the lowest graphical settings. Certain portions of the game, such as during heated boss fights or in large-scale areas, cause the performance to suffer drastically. It has even been mentioned that it drops to the single digits at times, and some players reported random crashes or freezes during cutscenes.

Some fans have been working to try and find fixes to allow the game to function better on the Steam Deck, but as of now there is no sure fire way to have a perfect play session. Enabling the Preview Channel in settings seems to help a little bit, as does utilizing Proton Experimental Bleeding Edge, but none of these tricks can make the experience in line with just utilizing another platform.

It is likely that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will improve on the Steam Deck with time and updates, but it is not a recommended way to play at the moment. The game is available on PC, though performance is also questionable at the moment. Players who really want to dive into this title might want to stick to consoles, or utilize Game Pass as to not fully commit to a title that is having hiccups.