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How to defeat the first boss Zhang Liang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Bring down the yellow turbans.

The first ever boss that you will face in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will be Zhang Liang, General of Man. This yellow turban brother uses a huge club to fight and will surprise you with his relentless attacks. One of the biggest problems players will face in this battle is the lack of space to attack. Since this is the first boss battle you will have to face in the game, many players will get stuck here for a while. Here is how you can defeat the first boss in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, Zhang Liang.

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How to beat Zhang Liang

The Zhang Liang boss battle works as most battles do in a Souls-like. Zhang Liang will have two phases. For the first one, you will have your blind companion to steal some aggro, but for the second part you are on your own. Since you deal an extremely low amount of damage, you will have to deflect all of his attacks as often as possible. To make this guide easier to digest, we will talk you through each phase of the battle.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty First Boss Zhang Liang Phase 1

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In the first phase, Zang Liang can be easily stun locked. It does not matter what type of weapon you use, as long as he doesn’t use a Critical Blow (red attacks). This is why the best way to defeat him, in the beginning, is to use a fast weapon and just hit him until he uses a Critical Blow.

The best weapon to get through the first phase in seconds is the dual blades. They are the fastest weapon you can get at this point and, even though they deal extremely low damage, they will stop Liang from using any of his attacks. Just spam the attack button until you see red and then dodge like crazy.

If you can also deflect his Critical Blows then you can also lower his Spirit Gauge, allowing you to get a Fatal Strike in. Liang only uses two Critical Blows in the first phase. One is where he brings his club down, charges it, and then uppercuts you with it, without moving. The second Critical Blow involves him bringing down the club in the same place near his body but charging directly at you to hit. He will change between them based on the distance between you.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty First Boss Zhang Liang Phase 2

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For this phase, you will lose your companion, the blind swordsman, and you will have to fight alone. Zhang Liang will use his long arm to constantly attack you at range and you won’t be able to stagger him anymore. For this part, it would be best if you just tried to deflect all of his attacks. It doesn’t matter how much damage you deal, since you will have to insta kill him with a special ability.

Luckily, his Critical Blows are still relatively easy to deflect, so keep an eye out for those. You don’t actually have to defeat Zhang Liang in this phase, you just need to fill up your Summon Divine Beast skill. This is a power you shouldn’t know how to use. The game will leave a small tutorial on the screen when the power fills up, which many can miss. 

To activate the Summon Divine Beast ability, press triangle and circle together (Y and B, or Z on the keyboard). Doing this will start a cutscene that will finish the battle for you.

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Defeating Zhang Liang, the first boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, will get you all of his clothes and armor, along with his giant club. By wearing them all together, you will get a lot of buffs and armor that you won’t have to change for a while.

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