Is Yondu in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy?

Who’s your Daddy?

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Image via Square Enix

Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Guardians of the Galaxy have gone from an obscure group of heroes in a little read run of comics to a household name. They have their own game now, and everyone is very much aware of their lives and relationships. Fans of the movies will be aware of Peter Quill’s complex relationship with Yondu, the blue-skinned Ravager that picked him up as a kid, thought him the ways of the galaxy, and is occasionally his enemy.

If you want to find out if Yondu is in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy below, you will need to read on below, but be advised that there will be spoilers.

Spoiler Warning

In the game, the relationship between Peter and Yondu is a bit different, and Yondu doesn’t really fill as much of a surrogate-father role. Peter was not picked up by Yondu as a kid after his mother died, and instead, they met in a prison camp run by the Chitauri.

Peter was kidnapped by the warrior race, and his mother was killed during the capture and ended up in prison with Yondu, where they became a strange type of family and Yondu eventually thought him how to be a Ravager. Yondu doesn’t appear in the game at all, but he is talked about. He can’t show up in the game as he is locked up in the Kiln prison, and we learn that this is actually because of Star-Lord.