Journey to the Savage Planet: you’ll want to bury your dead, and here’s why

Waste not, want not.

Journey To the Savage Planet

505 Games’ Journey to the Savage Planet is now available, offering an entertaining first-person exploration experience across a bold new world. That said, there are dangers about, and you’ll likely die a couple of times as you get the hang of dealing with certain enemies. (Looking at you, ink-hurling flying jellyfish.)

Don’t worry, though. When you get killed in this world, your ship automatically prints a new version of you, with all of your old memories intact. Along with being able to regather any goods you lost when you died, you can put your dead body to good use. It sounds savage, but here’s a quick rundown as to why you’ll want to take a minute to bury your former dead self to reap the rewards.

Ever hear of recycling?

When you die, your goods will be left behind in one place alongside your dead body. You’ll be able to find these by using the HUD on the top part of the screen, which highlights where you were last. (It looks kind of like a gift box.) Depending on how far you were from your ship when you passed, it may take a little time to get back to that spot. Fortunately, if you turned on a transporter before your death, it won’t take long at all.

Once you reach your previous self, pick up your goods, and then proceed to bury your body when given the prompt “Shamefully Bury Your Body.” It sounds a bit cruel seeing your former self go into the planet (with a holographic headstone, natch), but there’s something you get out of this—resources.

Give to the Earth and it gives back

You can use resources towards precious upgrades for yourself and your ship, to keep things running smoothly. These consist of carbon, silicon, and aluminum, each going into their particular categories.

To get the resources following your burial (that sounds odd, but it works), complete the burial, and collect your payment. From there, you can either hold onto them until you return to your ship, where they’re automatically deposited, or continue on your mission to collect even more.

Just remember though, if you die, you’ll need to repeat the process to get your stuff back. Collect first, bury the body, and collect the resources. It’s a weird “circle of life,” but it works. Besides, the game does have Savage in its title.

The next time you set out on a space mission in Journey To the Savage Planet, remember to keep self-recycling in mind. It sounds weird, but it works.