Killer Queen Black Controls Guide for Controller


The multiplayer hit Killer Queen has finally made its way home with Killer Queen Black, on both Nintendo Switch and PC. An Xbox One release will also follow sometime later this year.

While some compromises have been made to make the game work on the home market, all the excitement of the original game remains. It’s four-on-four madness as you attempt to guide your team to victory in one of three ways – with a Queen Kill, using an economic storing system, or riding a snail to victory.

But when it comes to getting the right controller settings, what’s the best way to go? Let’s break down what options you have available, and what may work best when it comes to guiding your team to victory!

Killer Queen Black Controls Guide for Controller

Killer Queen Black Controls Guide

General Controller Settings

When it comes to the two moves that you’re going to be using for most of Killer Queen Black, it comes down to two.

The first is jump/flap. With Drones and your Queen/Warrior characters, you can jump around the areas to higher platforms. But if you’re one of the last characters, you can also fly around the stage, using flapping to keep up on enemies with the right amount of height.

Then there’s Throw/Attack. With Drones, you’ll use these to pick up berries and throw them at the economic board for your team. But if you’re a Warrior or Drone, you can attack using your weapon of choice, be it a sword or a gun. With a sword, you can also set up a diving attack, in case you want to get the jump on someone from above.

With general movement and these two buttons, you can modify them however you please in the Options menu. The default selections work just fine, but you can tweak if you need to. Plus, playing on a JoyCon in the game’s eight-player mode, you might need to make adjustments, with the small buttons and all. Feel free to map the controls however you see fit.

Now, let’s talk about the other functions that are featured in Killer Queen Black.

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Emotes, Highlights and More

The first thing you may notice on the Options menu is the ability to Highlight a Player. This lets you mark someone on a map, mainly because it’s so big anyway and easy to lose track of someone. But by pressing this button, you can keep track of a little easier.

But then there are other options, like being able to Show Pings from fellow players, and even activate Alerts and Emotes. These are great ways to communicate with your teammates since chat isn’t an option.

With Alerts, you can set up individual buttons for the Gate Alert, the Blue Base, and the Gold Base. The Gate Alert is just in general, in case you need to notify a team to be on the defense. But the Blue and Gold work better since you can signal someone to either defend a base that a Drone on a Snail is about to get to; or when you need someone to make that final push into your team’s gate. You can change these functions on the Options menu.

Then there are Emotes. These are ways that you can communicate with teams through a series of emotions for your character. These include Anger (in case they screw up); Love (cheering on a well-earned victory); Confused (in case you need clarification on what the team may be doing); and Taunt (for showing off against rivals). Again, you can set these up on buttons, but the D-pad buttons may be the best way to go. Or the shoulder buttons. It’s your call.

That’s really about it when it comes to how to set up controls for Killer Queen Black. It’s a simple set-up, built around communication and general functionality. But once you get everything the way you want, you’ll be playing like a killer Queen in no time!

Killer Queen Black is available now for Steam and PC. Again, an Xbox One release will follow sometime later this year!