How To Get Infinite MP | Kingdom Hearts 3 Trick

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a game that focuses on magic. The world is magical, the characters are magical and the weapons … are magical. In Kingdom Hearts 3 there is a way that allows you to cast spells almost endlessly: it’s called Infinite MP Exploit and especially Endless Magic. It is a small trick that once activated will allow you to become monsters casting spells.

How To Get Infinite MP

To activate it, however, a lot of legwork is required, and you will have to earn a specific object and some magic ability by increasing the level. So here is the guide to you to unlock this trick and start spamming magic to more I cannot be almost invincible.

How to do Infinite MP Exploit and spam spells?

Step 1: You will initially need an object and a skill. The latter is called Magic Combo Thrift which is unlocked at some level based on the build you choose. For the mystics, you unlock at low levels, while for everyone else around level 44. This ability is useful because it reduces the MP cost of 1 to every spell after the first one. The object you will need, however, is called Mickey Clasp and it will be useful to find all the lucky emblems in the game. The Mickey Clasp, in this case, is helpful because it allows you to continue the magic combos for as long as you wish.

Kingdom Hearts III How to spam spells guide

Kingdom Hearts III How to spam spells guide

Step 2: As soon as you have both the necessary elements, start casting spells with a relatively low level of MP and cast spells like Fira or something like that. The initial cost of the spell will be the standard one, but then you will see that it will be stuck at 1 MP at launch and this will apply to all spells, even the most destructive. You only have to be careful not to break the combo to prevent the meter from clearing. Once, however, executed correctly you will be magical beasts. The only spells that are not affected by this bonus are the healing spells that will consume the standard MP number.

Kingdom Hearts III How to spam spells guide

The only real challenge will be to find all the lucky emblems but do not be afraid; we have created all the guides for you.

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