League of Legends Season 10 Champion Guide: Blitzcrank Tips and Tricks


As one of League’s most iconic champions, Blitzcrank is renowned for his ability to carry games with a single good hook. The somewhat intimidating support always makes his presence known, whether it’s through level 1 invade shenanigans or a crucial catch 30 minutes into the game. Let’s go over some tips to take your Blitzcrank game to the next level.

The Build

Rune Page

Blitzcrank has a lot of crowd control, and… not much else. As such, Aftershock is the only real option for the steam golem, as it offers him an extra layer of defensive capabilities should an enemy attempt to turn around a trade after he pulls them in.

Item Choices

Unlike other tankier supports, Blitzcrank still benefits from having additional engage packed into his kit. Therefore, we recommend that you opt for an early Righteous Glory, as the additional cooldown reduction and bulkiness allows for extra Qs, as well as an activated effect that lets you run down the enemy carries more efficiently.


The Abilities

Blitzcrank’s Q – Rocket Grab is all the champion needs, all you need, and all your team could ever need. Live and die by your ability to hit it, and make sure to max it first as all of your eggs are in this one basket.

Tips and Tricks

Mobility Boots Are Your Friend

Nothing tilts a midlaner more than having the enemy Blitzcrank suddenly appear in their lane, ready and waiting with a Q – Rocket Grab to pull them to certain death. Blitzcrank’s 2v2 potential pales in comparison to other supports (especially if you miss your hook), but his ability to exert pressure across the map by merely leaving lane is unparallelled. Be proactive with your roams and consider investing in Boots of Mobility as your first purchase.

Threaten With Hook

As aforementioned, Blitzcrank’s 2v2 and strict laning prowess is mainly underwhelming compared to the rest of the support pool. However, the champion has so much power tied into his Q, that only threatening the potential hook by standing between your opponents and the minion wave is enough to dissuade even the most ambitious of enemies. Be aware that if you do throw out your hook and miss, you lose all priority in the lane for the next 20 seconds, as well as half of your mana pool – so sometimes the threat of it is better than the attempt.

Buy Control Wards

Another area in which the early Boots of Mobility purchase will assist, returning to base frequently to restock on Control Wards, is very crucial to pushing your aggressive vision line as a support. Control Wards, in particular, are incredibly important because they deny the enemy team vision, and after all, how is someone meant to dodge a Blitzcrank hook if they can’t see it coming?