Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening On Switch – Trading Quest Sequence Guide


You’ll need to finish the Link’s Awakening trading sequence to get an important item you need to complete the game. For people who have played Link’s Awakening before, please note the reward item has changed. You will not find it when you finish the main story.

Below you will find each item you need to finish the sequence, and where to get them. Please note, this guide is under construction. While all the items and their trades are listed, we are still adding location screenshots for some things.

Link’s Awakening – Trading Sequence

Yoshi Doll

Yoshi Doll

The Yoshi Doll is in Mabe Village at the Trendy Game Shop. You will need to play the game to get it, and it costs 10 Rupees.


Ribbon Location

The Ribbon is in Mabe Village. If you give the Yoshi Doll to Papahl’s Wife (the house is to the north of the village), and she gives you a Ribbon.

Dog Food

Dog Food Location

If you bring the Ribbon to Madam MeowMeow’s House, CiaoCiao will trade you some Dog Food for it.


Bananas Location

Bring the Dog Food to Sale, a crocodile that leaves down near the beach, and he will give you Bananas for it.


If you bring the Bananas to the broken bridge near Kanalet Castle, you can give them to Kiki, the monkey who needs food. If you give him the Bananas, he helps you with the bridge, and you can pick up the stick that the monkeys leave on the ground.


You can collect this item after finishing Key Cavern. In Ukuku Prairie, you can find Tarin chilling out beside a tree. He asks for the stick to knock down a beehive, but when it falls, the bees will run him off, allowing you to get the Honeycomb.


In a house to the southeast of Animal Village, you will find Chef Bear. He needs the Honeycomb and trades you some Pineapple for it.


You will find Papahl in the Tal Tal Mountain Range (he tells you earlier in the game he will be lost here later). He is hungry, so give him the Pineapple, and he gives you the Hibiscus.


Once you have the Hibiscus, you can go back to Animal Village and find Christine. If you give her the Hibiscus, she gives you the Letter and asks you to bring it to Mr. Write. It seems like she is getting quite a deal here.


You can get the Broom from Mr. Write when you bring him the letter at the Goponga Swamp.

Fishing Hook

You can bring the Broom to Ulria at Mabe Village, and she gives you a Fishing Hook as thanks.

Mermaid’s Necklace

Head to Martha’s Bay, and you will find a Fisherman under a bridge who needs a Fishing Hook. As thanks, he gives you the Mermaid’s Necklace

Mermaid’s Scale

You will find a Mermaid in Martha’s Bay called, no surprise, Martha, who gives you a Mermaid’s Scale in return for the Necklace. You want to go and put this Scale on the Mermaid Statue just a little south of where the Mermaid was where a set of stairs will spawn, completing the Trading Quest finally.