Where To Find Legendary Weapons Location – AC Origins The Curse of the Pharaohs

The Curse of the Pharaohs DLC of Assassins Creed Origins has introduced a host of new things in the game. With new area, you get new enemies, outfits, and weapons. Legendary Weapons are part of this DLC that will help you to get the best and strongest blow. In this guide, you can find the list of those Legendary weapons and their stats along with tips on how to unlock them.

Legendary Weapons Location

Legendary Weapons Location And How To Unlock Them

Venomous Grace (Dual Blades):

  • Type: Very Fast, Short Reach
  • Level: 46
  • Quality: 103
  • DMG: 467/s
  • Perk: Adrenaline Regeneration. Combo Multiplier. Poison on Hit

Venomous Grace (Dual Blades) Location

Completed Lady of Grace main quest to get the weapons. It is a dual sword that does poison damage to the enemy.

Travelers Curve (Hunter Bow):

  • Type: Power Charge
  • Level: 46
  • Quality: 102
  • DMG: 648/s
  • Perk: Charging Speed. Adrenaline on Kill. Sleep on Hit

Travelers Curve (Hunter Bow) Location

You can get this weapon as a reward by completing the Love or Duty Side Quest in Aaru. This weapons sleep effective is amazing against tougher enemies.

The Living One (Sickle Sword):

  • Type: Technical and Deadly
  • Level: 48
  • Quality: 108
  • DMG: 487/s
  • Perk: Bleeding on Hit. Adrenaline Regeneration. Instant Charging

The Living One (Sickle Sword) Location

You can get this sword after finishing the main quest The Heretic. In the end, after killing the boss you will get this weapon, through Instant Charging you can perform highly devastating heavy attacks.

Daggers Of Tutankhamun (Dual Sword):

  • Type: Very Fast – Short Reach
  • Level: 49
  • Quality: 109
  • DMG: 560/s
  • Perk: Adrenaline Regeneration. Critical Hit Damage. Health for Critical.

Daggers Of Tutankhamun (Dual Sword) Location

By playing National Treasure Side Quest you can get this weapon, this weapon is good for those who love Critical Hits with high damage.

Amuns Might (Regular Sword):

  • Type: Very Fast – Balanced Weapon
  • Level: 48
  • Quality: 108
  • DMG: 562/s
  • Perk: Critical Hit Damage. Critical Hit Rate. Instant Charging

Amuns Might (Regular Sword) Location

After completing God or Creed Side Quest. It is one of the most powerful regular swords in the game. With instant charging, you can cause high damage to enemies.

Palmette Carver (Heavy Blade):

Type: Average Speed – Powerful

Level: 55

Quality: 123

DMG: 651/s

Perk: Adrenaline on Hurt. Adrenaline on Kill. Health on Kill.

Palmette Carver (Heavy Blade) Location

You can get this weapon in Blood in the Water main quest by killing One Shadow of Anubis. The weapon has two adrenaline perks that give a good strength to the attacks.

Lord Of Thebes (Scepter):

  • Type: Fast – Long Range
  • Level: 52
  • Quality: 117
  • DMG: 431/s
  • Perk: Combo Multiplier. Critical Hit Rate. Health on Hit.

Lord Of Thebes (Scepter) Location

You can unlock this weapon by completing Unfair Trade Side Quest. It offers you speed and long-range hit powered by a combination of Combo Multiplier, Critical Hit Rate and Health on Hit.

Elect Of Ra (Warrior Bow):

  • Type: Multiple Arrows
  • Level: 55
  • Quality: 122
  • DMG: 1496/s
  • Perk: Precision. Bleeding on Hit. On Fire

Elect Of Ra (Warrior Bow) Location

You can get this weapon as a reward by defeating The Fearless One Shadow of Anubis. It is one of the best legendary warrior bows in the game. Bleeding from Hit and Bleeding Fire can cause a good amount of damage.

Atens Spear (Spear):

  • Type: Long Reach – Average Power
  • Level: 52
  • Quality: 117
  • DMG: 527/s
  • Perk: Critical Hit Damage. Combo Multiplier. Health on Kill.

Atens Spear (Spear) Location

After defeating Tutankhamun you will get this weapon, it has a good kill range.

Muts Sorrow (Shield):

  • Type: Legendary Shield
  • Level: 50
  • Quality: 114
  • DMG: 1102/s
  • Perk: Melee Resistance. Ranged Resistance. Sleep on Block.

Muts Sorrow (Shield) Location

This one is a powerful shield you can get by completing the Follower or Leader Side Quest. It has huge ranged resistance.

Keeper of Harmony (Heavy Blunt):

  • Type: Slow – Very Powerful
  • Level: 50
  • Quality: 112
  • DMG: 632/s
  • Perk: Adrenaline on Kill. Critical Hit Damage. Health on Kill.

Keeper of Harmony (Heavy Blunt) Location

You can get this weapon as a reward when you complete The Kings of King’s main quest. This weapon is slow but can cause critical damage.

Through the above list you can do add all the Legendary Weapons in your inventory. You can also refer to our Assassins Creed Origins Wiki guide for more updates.