Lies of P: Release Date, Trailers, & Pre-Order Editions

Lies of P is an action RPG set in a dark world where players battle horrific machinations inspired by the tale of Pinnocchio.


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Lies of P is an action RPG set in a dark and twisted world inspired by the tale of Pinocchio. Players take on the role of Gepetto’s creation, a version of Pinocchio, and must rip apart the mad creations that seem to have overrun an alternate version of Hong Kong.

The game is clearly inspired by Bloodborne but takes a different approach with the main character’s unique robotic arm. This means the protagonist blurs the line between the machine and human worlds, which will undoubtedly play into the story. This guide outlines the release date, versions available to pre-order, every trailer, and much more about Lies of P.

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When is the Release Date for Lies of P?

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The release date for Lies of P is September 19, 2023. The game will simultaneously launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. For now, all we know is that there will be a 72-hour early access period for those that pre-order the digital deluxe edition.

How to Play the Lies of P Demo

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The Lies of P Demo is available on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox from June 9 to 27, 2023. The demo covers a small slice of the overall experience and seems as though it will be playable after it’s delisted from storefronts. Still, it won’t be available to download again. Anyone that wants to play the game should grab the demo while it’s live.

All Editions of Lies of P Available to Pre-Order

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Here, we’ve listed every version of Lies of P that fans can pre-order and purchase. More will be added to this section as they become available.

Standard Edition

The standard edition of the game costs $59.99 and is the basic version of the game with nothing extra.

Digital Deluxe Edition

The Digital Deluxe Edition of Lies of P costs $69.99. It includes the game, The Great Venigni’s Signature Coat, The Great Venigni’s Glasses, Deluxe Edition Cosmetic Mask, Mischievous Puppet’s Clothes, Mischievous Puppet’s Parade Hat, and 72 Hours Early Access.

All Trailers for Lies of P

The official release date trailer for the game was shown during Summer Game Fest 2023 and, as expected, revealed the game’s release date.