Lies of P takes Pinocchio by way of Bloodborne in brand new 8k footage

These puppets can move.

headshot of a character from lies of p

Image via Neowiz

Pinocchio was never the happiest story, especially the non-Disney version, but with Lies of P, things have taken a severe turn for the grimdark, and we got some additional details in a new trailer released by AMD. Shown running on a 7900 XTX, the current flagship for the company, the Souls-like take on the classic puppet’s story appears to be a smooth 60 FPS with plenty of demanding graphics settings, all output at 8K (apparently).

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Gameplay-wise, Lies of P certainly takes its cues from Bloodborne, with fast attacks from both Pinocchio himself and the enemies he fights, as well as a focus on aggression over-cautious play. There is a dedicated block button in Lies of P, which is technically available but not recommended in Bloodborne. We also see ripostes, posture breaks, and special combo and aerial attacks, which takes mobility to new levels.

The most significant gameplay difference in Lies of P appears to be the addition of a grappling hook, which can latch onto enemies and either pull them toward you or let you go to them. It doesn’t seem like the grapple does any damage, but if there is a skill tree centered around mobility, it’s likely there are additional grapple abilities available. When Pinnochio interacts with other sentients, he has his trademark ability to lie, which should be impossible for puppets in this universe.

There wasn’t much in the way of story in the trailer, but we do know that Pinocchio is searching for Mr. Geppetto in a ruined city called Krat, itself besieged by an army of other, less human puppets. The atmosphere is dark and dreary, with none of the city’s citizens present on the streets, likely because they’ve all fled or been killed. There is a puppet strung up over a bridge with the message “Purge Puppets” crudely painted on an attached sign, so perhaps we’ll be encountering at least a few actual people throughout the game’s runtime.

Lies of P will be released on all major platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC, and will be day one on GamePass as well. There’s no firm release date, but it should come out sometime this year.