Link’s Awakening: How to beat the Ancient Ruins Boss, the Armos Knight


Not all bosses are taken down with a few simple strikes with your sword in Link’s Awakening. Sometimes, you need to use a trick or a particular item to take them down. When you’re fighting the Ancient Ruins boss, the Armos Knight, you need to rely on a specific trick to get past them. Here’s how you do it.

Beating the Ancient Ruins Boss, the Armos Knight, in Link’s Awakening

The Armos Knight is covered head to toe in fairly heavy armor. Your basic swings and sword attacks are not going to do much against it. Unfortunately, neither are your other items when you’re battling them. You can’t use your bombs or any other trick to take him out. The way to beat him requires you use your sword but in a unique way.

You need to hit him on the right or left sight, or even behind him, with an alternative attack. You don’t want to use your basic sword attacks. Instead, you’re going to want to hit him with your bow, your boomerang, or land a charged sword attack against him. If you hit him in the front before doing so, you’re not going to damage him. Hitting him from the side causes his armor to get knocked off. Then, as it comes away, you can start hitting him from the front using your bow, or your standard sword attacks.

That’s all you need to know on how to beat the Armos Knight. He’s a reasonably straightforward boss once you remove his armor. The armor is a problematic obstacle. However, it takes a bit of time to get rid of it.

During the fight, the Armos Knight is going to attack with you with a ground slam attack. To avoid damage from this, you want to jump into the air. Doing so at the right time avoids this entirely, making the entire fight easier. Getting hit by this attack stuns you for a few seconds.

When all of his armor is down, you can freely hit him, and he should get defeated after getting hit once after his armor is exposed.