Link’s Awakening – How to Unlock Fast Travel


Getting around in any game always takes a little time. Thankfully, developers usually make mundane traveling significantly easier by giving players access to fast travel. Link’s Awakening is no different. Here’s how you go about unlocking the fast travel function to make getting around the island significantly easier.

Unlocking Fast Travel in Link’s Awakening

Players do not need to complete a particular quest or get to an exact location in Link’s Awakening to unlock the function. Instead, it’s all based when players find a fast travel location. Finding the first fast travel location is excellent, but players can’t use it until they find another fast travel point to use and travel around the island. The first location you’re likely going to encounter the fast travel system is at Ukuku Prairie. It’s north of the Key Cavern, right below the Witch’s Hut.

It won’t give you access to fast travel, due to not having any other location to travel to on the map. You’re going to have to wait until you find another one in the world.

However, later in the game, you’re going to have the chance to learn how to fast travel to any fast travel location in the game. You can use this method and not rely on Link standing on a travel point to go to another. You can’t fast travel anywhere, though. You still need to land at one of the fast travel locations, but Link doesn’t need to be standing on one to travel. Here’s how you do it.

You can only do it after you’ve finished the Angler’s Tunnel. At the tunnel’s entrance, you’re going to see a small cave entrance on the left-hand side. Approach the cave and go inside using your flippers. Jump into the cave, and you’re going to encounter Manbo, a large, green fish in the cave. They’re going to teach Link a song called Manbo’s Mambo. Link can play it on his Ocarina and travel to any of the fast travel points you’ve discovered on the map.

Now you know how to fast travel in Link’s Awakening. Have a great time exploring the game and revisiting all of the iconic locations from the original 1993 game.