Lords of the Fallen: Release Date, Price & Special Editions

Lords of the Fallen is a new upcoming ARPG title from CI Games, set in a dark and twisted world filled with unbelievable characters.


Screenshot via CI Games’ YouTube channel

Lords of the Fallen, also known as The Lords of the Fallen, is a new title in the series of the same name. The first game was released for PS4 in 2014 and evolved some mechanics from the soulsborne games to create its own identity. This second title promises to revamp the series but looks like it’s been heavily influenced by FromSoftware’s Elden Ring.

The original Lords of the Fallen differentiated itself from other soulslikes by introducing a risk vs. reward system to the tried and true bonfire checkpoints. Players could choose to hold onto their XP and multiply it if they avoided checkpoints but risked a greater setback upon death by doing so. The latest title seems as though it will take a similar approach in evolving what inspired it.

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What is the Release Date for Lords of the Fallen?

Screenshot via CI Games’ YouTube channel

Lords of the Fallen will be released on October 13, 2023. Aside from the name change, the game hasn’t been delayed and has always targeted a 2023 release date. No one is quite sure why the ‘The’ was dropped from the original name, but it seems as though the vision for the game might have changed at some point in development.

Lords of the Fallen Price & Pre-order Editions

There are three editions of Lords of the Fallen that fans can pre-order. The standard edition costs $70/£54.99, and the Digital Deluxe Edition costs $80/£64.99. Both of these can be purchased from digital storefronts such as the PlayStation Store. While the standard version only includes the base game, the Digital Deluxe Edition includes the Dark Crusader Starting Class, Weapon, and Armor Set, a 100-page digital artbook, the digital soundtrack, and a 3D model viewer.

Finally, there’s the Collectors Edition, which costs $250/£200. This edition of the game comes with everything the Digital Deluxe Edition has, plus it packs in a physical version of the artbook, a double-sided poster, art cards, in-game perks, armor tincts, a steelbook case, a physical copy of the game, and a metal display case with LED light for the 10-inch hand-painted figurine in the box. We’ve only been able to find this version at UK retailer GAME, though there is likely a US retailer out there selling it too.

All pre-orders for the game, digital or physical, will grant fans exclusive bronze, silver, and gold armor tincts and three HP, MP, and XP items in-game.

What Platforms Will Lords of the Fallen be Released for?

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Lords of the Fallen will be released for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. At the time of writing, no versions are planned for last-generation consoles or Nintendo Switch. It’s also currently unknown if the game will be Steam Deck compatible.

Is Lords of the Fallen a Remake or New Game?

Screenshot via CI Games’ YouTube channel

CI Games has confirmed that Lords of the Fallen is not a remake. It’s a new title under the same name. When it was originally announced as The Lords of the Fallen, it was much clearer that the game was a new title, but this name change confused fans. Based on the game’s trailers, which can be seen below, it’s clear that these are two very different titles. 2023’s Lords of the Fallen is much darker and looks a lot like Elden Ring, while the original game had a much more unique look and feel, with chunky, muscular characters and unique bosses.

All Trailers for Lords of the Fallen

The May 2023 gameplay reveal trailer confirmed the release date for Lords of the Fallen and showed off the best look at the world fans had been given to date.

The State of Unreal Technical Showcase trailer showed just how powerful the Unreal Engine can be through the amazing visuals seen in the upcoming title.

A short gameplay teaser detailed a few of the features fans could expect from the next game in the series.

The announcement trailer still retains the game’s original name, but shows the vision for the gameplay hasn’t changed from this cinematic video through to the latest gameplay trailer.