Where To Find All Sixth Floor: Castle MacFrights Gems In Luigi’s Mansion 3


Luigi’s Mansion 3 is filled with more than just ghosts; there are also lots of hidden secrets. Each floor contains gems for you to find, and in this guide, we will show you where to find all the Sixth Floor: Castle MacFrights gems. Before you start trying to get these gems, it is best to wait until you have all the weapons and powerups, as they can all require different parts of your arsenal to get.

Where To Find All Sixth Floor Castle: MacFrights Gems In Luigi’s Mansion 3

  • Red Gem: In the hallway with two suits of armor, using the Dark Light to reveal a third suit on the right side. Use the suction cup to smash the suit and get the Red Gem.
  • Purple Gem: Head through the door in front of you, then go left, through the door, and into the hallway. Halfway down the hall is a patch of bricks you can use the suction cup on. This will open a panel, revealing a chest that contains the Purple Gem.
  • White Gem: Continue going left, and head down the stairs in the next room, then use Gooigi to lower the spikes. Go in the door, head for the last barrel, walk into it, and through the crack on the right side. Go up the hidden ladder to find the White Gem.
  • Yellow Gem: Now, head out the door on the right, and drop down the hole in the ground, walk to the right and climb up on the other side of the spikes. Go in the door, then use the Vacuum on the fan on the back right wall to bring up the elevator. Get in the elevator, but leave Gooigi behind to make it move down. Just on the left wall beside the elevator, at the bottom, you will see another fan. Use Luigi to move it with the Vacuum to lower a cage, then use Gooigi to grab the Yellow Gem.
  • Green Gem: Go in the door on the left and keep going past the swinging axes, then head to the door on the back wall. Keep going through the corridor with swinging axes, and you will pass some banners on the wall. There is an obvious empty spot with a brazier on either side. Use the Dark Light here to reveal a door. Go inside and Vacuum up all the gold on the ground to reveal the Green Gem.
  • White Gem: Go back outside and continue to the right, across the arena, and in the far door and up the stairs. Move around the top of the arena, towards the front left, until you reach a suit of armor eating popcorn. Vacuum the suit of armor to get the White Gem.

And there you go, all the Gems on the Sixth Floor: Castle MacFrights in Luigi’s Mansion 3!