Magsize vs. Damage: Which Upgrade style fits your play style in Hyper Scape?

Each weapon upgrade style has it perks… which suits you?

Magsize & Damage Level 4 Upgrade

In Hyper Scape, there are two major types of weapon upgrades. Magsize and Damage. Their names are pretty self-explanatory, but how to best utilize each, and which weapon style might be best for you might take a little more digging.


The magsize upgrade increases the amount on bullets your gun can hold in a single round. This style of upgrade is helpful for a plethora of reasons, but the main three perks are:

  1. Lower chance of needing to reload between firing on and taking down enemy squadmates in squads.
  2. Gives newer players some leeway, if you don’t hit every shot you make, there is still more ammunition where that came from.
  3. Magsize style upgrade gives you the best of both at level 4, It also gives your weapon a slight damage boost.

Overall, the magsize upgrades are well-rounded and offer a good amount of forgiveness.


The damage upgrade increases how powerful each shot is. Unlike the magsize weapons, these guns have their magsize fixed, and will not even go up at level 4. But the best perks are:

  1. The headshot damage increases even more than the body damage. If you have a tight aim, the damage boost will go a long way.
  2. If you are using the sniper rifle Protocol V with a level 4 upgrade, a headshot will be a one-hit K.O. This is the only long range weapon currently capable of such.
  3. In solos, when you are often only focusing energy on one opponent, the extra firepower may be more useful than the extra bullets.

With these guns, you really need to know how to shoot your shot, but if you do, the shot is deadly.

Two major types of upgrades, even more weapons to choose from. In the end, these are just pointers. Everyone will find a weapon and an upgrade style that best suits them, but if you are new to the genre, maybe try out the magsize upgrade weapons first.