How to “Take out 5 Goats” in Mario Kart Tour


Another week, another set of challenges in Mario Kart Tour.

This time, the game is once again asking you to complete challenges to get some Grand Stars to unlock the various amount of gift boxes on offer this season, with more on the way in the future.

Of the nine challenges available, one that seems to be stumping some players is the “Take out 5 Goats” challenge, which, as the name suggests, wants you to take out 5 animals all for the sake of rewards. So, here is the best way to go about doing it.

How to complete “Take out 5 Goats” Challenge

First, you will need to load into a racetrack that has Goats that you can hit. The best one for this is Daisy Hills, as there are three Goats you can hit shortly after the starting line up the hill.

Next, you will need to grab an item that can hit Goats, either a Green shell if your aim is good or if you want to use a Giant Mushroom or Frenzy.

After hitting 5 with these assorted items, the challenge will be complete, and you can move onto the next one. It’s not exactly hard like some of the other challenges, but you need to give it time and line up your shots.