Mario Kart Tour: How to Add Friends


There’s no better way to play a Nintendo game than with your friends, especially if it’s Mario Kart because there’s no way to tell you to care without screaming angrily at them while they send a blue shell at you during your near first-place victory. The same goes for Mario Kart Tour, the latest mobile game from Nintendo inspired by the Mario Kart franchise. Can you add friends to your mobile game profile?

How to Add Friends in Mario Kart Tour

The friend’s program is going to happen when the ranking system opens up in the game, which unlocks when you complete the Yoshi Race. When the ranking information unlocks, you’re going to find yourself needing the Nintendo Code from your friends. Go to the “Friends,” section in the game, and you’re going to see a 12 digit code available you can give to your friends. When you provide this code to them, they’re going to have the chance to send you a friend request, and you can accept it from them.

You’re going to accept friend requests by waiting for the notification to come to your phone. From there, click on the “Add Friends,” icon at the top, and you should see the recent friend request at the top, which you can choose to accept or decline.

When you get the opportunity to add friends, you can view how they’re doing compared to you in races and see their nickname tied to their profile. Hopefully, in the future, when multiplayer comes out, you and a buddy can compete against AI or other players on the same track. You might be able to party up and jump into matches, making matchmaking a little bit easier and the process of waiting to find a proper race not as unbearable.

The multiplayer function has not released yet, and we’ll learn more about how players can play with their friends online when this comes out. The multiplayer mode is going to unlock in a future update, likely sometime in October given the overall positive reaction of the game.

Editors Note: A previously published version of this article misstated friends were tied to multiplayer and not the game’s ranking system. This error has been corrected.