Mario Kart Tour – How To Land Three Hits With The Super Horn


Mario Kart Tour has different challenges for you to try and complete. One of them is to land three hits with the Super Horn. It might seem a little daunting, but there are some essential things to understand about it that will make it pretty easy.

How To Land Three Hits With The Super Horn

Understanding what the Super Horn does is pretty important. When you use it, it causes a shockwave to travel out from your kart, impact other drivers that are close to you. This shockwave means it is possible to hit multiple other drivers at the same, making the challenge that bit easier if you manage to pull it off.

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You also don’t have to get all three hits in one race. You can complete this challenge across multiple tracks, which should take the pressure off if you were worried about the need to get them all completed in one go.

The Super Horn also has a higher chance to drop if you are in first, second, or third place. Ideally, you want to hang around in second or third for the best chance of getting it. Finally, if you have the Fare Flyer Kite, this has an increased chance of getting the Super Horn from item boxes during races.

It is also a good idea to find a course and a driver combination that can give you up to three items. You don’t want to worry about winning. However, try to hold on to the top positions to get the Super Horn. When you get it, slow your pace and let someone catch you, then give them a smack from the Super Horn.

You have to repeat this process across as many races as it takes to get all three done. I’d also suggest running at least 100cc races to do it. Drivers in this race type tend to be more aggressive and are more likely to keep up with you, bunching together into groups as they compete for the position.

If you managed to get your hands on Pauline from firing the pipe, then you are in luck. She will always get a Super Horn as part of her Lucky 7 skill. She is hands down the best way to finish this challenge quickly.