Mario Kart Tour – How To Land Three Hits With Yoshi Egg


Mario Kart Tour seems to be doing exceptionally well for Nintendo, despite a rough launch that saw a lot of people dealing with various errors. Thankfully, most of that seems to be resolved, and now people are just getting down to the races and completing Challenges.

New Challenges were added today, including one to land three hits with a Yoshi Egg.

Mario Kart Tour – How To Land Three Hits With Yoshi Egg

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the best driver to use for this particular challenge is Yoshi. Yoshi’s Frenzy allows you to fire out Yoshi Eggs rapidly. The Eggs contain random items, but that doesn’t matter, as all you need to do is hit them with the Egg itself. Yoshi can get three items, and as such a Frenzy, on the following courses:

  • Rock Rock Mountain
  • Yoshi Circuit
  • Yoshi Circuit T

You need to have Yoshi unlocked to get this challenge; you won’t be able to do it with any other driver. Keep in mind; the Yoshi Egg has the best chance of appearing from an item box if you are lower downing the rankings in that race.

If you don’t have Yoshi yet, he is a reward for playing through the tours, so continue to play the different tours and cups until you unlock him.

Last, but not least, you don’t need to land all the hits in one race, and can instead finish it over multiple races! So, there you go, everything you need to know about how to land three hits with Yoshi Eggs in Mario Kart Tour.