Mario Kart Tour Support Code 805-1415 Explained


If you woke up early this morning to play Mario Kart Tour on iPhone or Android, you might have got met with an error code 805-1415 when you tried to load up the app for the first time.

It can appear quite frequently while playing the game too, especially this early into the game’s lifecycle, and for those fretting about it and worrying that their game is broken, we are here to tell you not to panic about it.

Why? Well, let us explain.

Mario Kart Tour Support Code 805-1415

The code, which comes with a message that the servers are experiencing heavy traffic, is nothing to worry about. This code usually pops up when Nintendo is working on updating the servers for the game.

It can also appear during server downtime or during times when the servers are being overloaded with a whole host of players from across the globe. It could also mean that the servers are being overloaded with players, so you will need to wait a while for the servers to catch up or for enough players to leave to be able to join the game.

So, don’t worry. The game isn’t broken, your save data is fine, be patient, and everything will sort itself out eventually.