Marvel’s Avengers: How to find the HARM room

Here is how to reach the HARM room in Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvel Avengers: How to find the HARM room?

Marvel Avengers: How to find the HARM room?

Marvel’s Avenger’s Closed Beta is live, and people who have pre-ordered the game can get access to it right away. The Beta gives access to three levels in the game, and at the end of it, players get access to the HARM (Holographic Augmented Reality Machine) room.

The HARM room allows players to train with their favorite characters and hone their skills. Unfortunately, there are no markers to reach the HARM room, so many players get lost while trying to find it. Here is how you can reach the HARM room in Marvel Avengers Closed Beta.

To reach the HARM room from War Table, head outside towards the staircase, and instead of climbing up completely, walk up till the half-flight and head straight. You will enter a room with the Daily Bugle stream running. Head straight, and you will then enter a huge room after passing two doors. From there, proceed towards the left and head down the staircase and then through the door on the right. Finally, climb down the stairs once again, and the HARM room’s door will be on the right.

The HARM room is one of the most pivotal elements in the game, and it opens up several missions that players can take on. There is a comprehensive customization menu in the game, and the HARM room is pretty useful to check out your loadouts in in-battle scenarios. You can read more about HARM rooms in our guide here.