Marvel’s Avengers: Full Hawkeye skill tree

Hawkeye players will have a lot of arrow-related abilities to choose from.

Marvel's Avengers Hawkeye

Image via Square Enix

As with every playable hero in Marvel’s Avengers, Hawkeye has a wide range of skills and abilities to take advantage of. As you level up your Hawkeye from level 1 to 50, you will be able to upgrade your character’s skill tree, powering up your basic, heroic, and intrinsic abilities. We’ve compiled all of Hawkeye’s skills in bulleted form, along with a description for most of these trees — skills unlocked by default are in bold.

Skill Tree

Light Attack

Clint Barton’s Light Attack involves quick sword strikes, although you can upgrade this attack in incorporate an Implosion Arrow that draws enemies in.

  • Blade Master (Light Attack)
    • Implosion Arrow (Signature Attack)
  • Soaring Blade (Aerial Light Attack)
    • Instant Implosion (Aerial Signature Attack)
  • Sweeping Blade (Light Sprint Attack)
  • Ascending Slash (Light Dodge Attack)

Heavy Attack

Chain together powerful sword strikes, eventually combining these hits with a Split Shot Arrow that seeks out targets.

  • Gleaming Steel (Heavy Attack)
    • Split Shot Arrow (Power Attack)
    • Bag of Tricks (Power Attack Upgrade)
  • Staggering Talent (Aerial Heavy Attack)
    • Splintering Fire (Aerial Power Attack)
  • Unstoppable Blade (Heavy Sprint Attack)
  • Excessive Impact (Heavy Dodge Attack)
  • Suspension Arrow (Heavy Attack Upgrade)


Choose between traditional Razor Arrows, energized Cluster Arrows, or Pulsar Arrows that you can manually detonate while aiming your bow.

  • Razor Arrows (Ranged Attack)
    • Perfect Draw (Ranged Attack Upgrade)
  • Dead Eye (Ranged Power Attack)
    • Sharp Shooter (Ranged Power Attack Upgrade)
  • Cluster Arrows (Ranged Attack)
    • Tripwire Shot (Ranged Attack)
    • Electric Current (Ranged Power Attack Upgrade)
  • Pulsar Arrows (Ranged Attack)
    • Stationary Target (Ranged Attack)
    • Neutron Blast (Ranged Attack Upgrade)

Intrinsic Ability

Barton’s Intrinsic Ability mostly involves dodging and parrying, but you can combine your dodging with Boomerang Arrows and Rocket Arrows upon upgrading. Swordsman’s Prodigy also lets you grapple to enemies.

  • Archer’s Instinct (Defensive Ability)
    • Quickdraw Reflexes (Defensive Ability)
    • Startling Disruption (Light Attack)
    • Rocket Arrow (Heavy Attack)
  • Locked On (Intrinsic Ability Upgrade)
    • Ranger’s Momentum (Intrinsic Ability Upgrade)
    • Reflexive Clarity (Intrinsic Ability Upgrade)
    • Extended Focus (Intrinsic Ability Upgrade)
  • Boomerang Arrow (Light Intrinsic Attack)
    • Aerodynamic Finesse (Light Intrinsic Attack)
  • Swordsman’s Prodigy (Heavy Intrinsic Attack)
    • Expert Swordsman (Heavy Intrinsic Attack)
Marvel's Avengers Hawkeye
Image via Square Enix

Support Heroic Ability

Shoot a nanobot Recovery Arrow at the ground to heal yourself and teammates.

  • Recovery Arrow
    • Good to Go (Support Heroic Upgrade)
    • Extended Recovery (Support Heroic Upgrade)
  • Specialization I
    • Field Medic
    • Critical Care
    • Nanite Shield
  • Specialization II
    • Strong Medicine
    • Heroic Recharge
    • Intrinsic Gifts

Assault Heroic Ability

Your Nightstorm Arrow will split into multiple explosive arrows, raining down on enemies. Choose between different specializations to add properties to these arrows, such as cryo, electric, or fire effects.

  • Nightstorm Arrow
    • Sunny Aftermath (Assault Heroic Upgrade)
    • Storm Shadow (Assault Heroic Upgrade)
  • Specialization I
    • Ion Surge
    • Hail Storm
    • Fire Devil
  • Specialization II
    • Fatal Domain
    • Falling Sky
    • Strike Point

Ultimate Heroic Ability

The Hunter’s Arrow will lock on up to 10 enemies and deal heavy damage, although you can upgrade this attack to reach up to 15 or even 20 enemies.

  • Hunter’s Arrow
    • Enduring Flight (Ultimate Heroic Upgrade)
    • Broken Wing (Ultimate Heroic Upgrade)
  • Specialization I
    • Twin Talons
    • Dive Bomb
    • Marked Prey
  • Specialization II
    • Hunter’s Resolve
    • Bird in the Hand
    • Hawk’s Cry

Movement Ability

Use the Grapple Arrow to traverse environments easier.

  • Archer’s Dodge (Evasion Ability)
    • Escape Route (Evasion Ability)
  • Grapple Arrow (Movement Skills)
  • Wall Run (Movement Skills)
Marvel's Avengers Hawkeye Clint Barton
Image via Square Enix

Melee Mastery

  • Melee Upgrade I
    • Stunning Show
    • Damage Dealer
    • Inescapable Blast
  • Melee Upgrade II
    • Skilled Duelist
    • On the Move
    • Sharp Fragments
  • Takedown Upgrade
    • Intrinsic Burst
    • Heroic Burst
    • Regenerative Burst

Ranged Mastery

  • Ranged Upgrade I
    • Heavy Draw
    • Cluster Damage
    • Pulsar Charge
  • Ranged Upgrade II
    • Shockwave
    • Tripwire Spread
    • Energized Pulsar
  • Ranged Upgrade III
    • Perfect Marksman
    • Ensnared Targets
    • Superpowered Pulse

Intrinsic Ability Mastery

  • Intrinsic Upgrade I
    • Return Fire
    • Salt in the Wound
    • Parting Gifts
  • Intrinsic Upgrade II
    • Energy Boost
    • Honed Instincts
    • Room For Error
  • Intrinsic Upgrade III
    • Extended Disruption
    • Volatile Rockets
    • Off Balance

Intrinsic Overcharge Mastery

  • Intrinsic Upgrade I
    • Overcharge Efficiency I
    • Archer’s Choice
    • Multi-Talented
  • Intrinsic Upgrade II
    • Overcharge Efficiency II
    • Points For Style
    • Heroic Resolve
  • Intrinsic Upgrade III
    • Critical Might
    • Sustained Will
    • Overcharge Endurance