All Hawkeye abilities in Marvel’s Avengers

Clint’s moveset is only missing Lucky the Pizza Dog.

Marvel's Avengers Hawkeye

Image via Square Enix

Clint Barton, best known as Hawkeye, joined the playable cast of Marvel’s Avengers with the Future Imperfect update, which coincided with the game’s next-gen release. While Barton has some gameplay overlap with his protégé Kate Bishop, his moveset is more focused on his use of trick arrows, while Bishop has her own teleportation abilities. While Hawkeye uses a sword for close combat, his arrows make him an excellent long-range and support hero.

Primary Abilities

Light Attack

Hawkeye’s signature light attack is the Implosion Arrow; players can hold the Light Attack button to fire an arrow that will draw in enemies towards its center. This is convenient for grouping them together for some team attacks.

Heavy Attack

Hawkeye has a Power Attack in the form of the Split Shot Arrow. Hold the Heavy Attack button to fire an arrow that will then split up into multiple other arrows, all seeking out enemies to hit. Use this against foes that are spread apart in front of you. You can also chain a Suspension Arrow Heavy Attack after a Light Attack combo to launch targets into the air.

Ranged Attack

Like Kate Bishop, Clint Barton has a number of arrows to choose from for his Ranged Attack. Razor Arrrows are the most traditional arrows you can use; they are quick and easy to fire, and players can combo with them. The Cluster Arrows fire three arrows and stagger enemies, dealing a good amount of Stun damage to them. Pulsar Arrows have an explosive charge, which you can manually detonate with the Light Attack button.

Intrinsic Ability

Using Archer’s Instinct when holding the right trigger will let Hawkeye dodge basic enemy attacks. The Quickdraw Reflexes ability allows you to Parry right before an enemy attacks you, and this does not take up any intrinsic energy. Using Light Attack while using intrinsic energy lets you fire a Boomerang Arrow that travels in an arc, while using Heavy Attack with intrinsic energy lets you fire a Grapple Arrow at an enemy, pulling you towards them for an attack.

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Heroic Abilities

  • Nightstorm Arrow (Assault Heroic Ability): Hold the right shoulder button on your controller to target an area for bombardment, then release it to unleash multiple explosives on anything within that area.
  • Recovery Arrows (Support Heroic Ability): Press the left shoulder button on your controller to summon nanobots that will heal yourself and your teammates in a given radius.
  • Hunter’s Arrow (Ultimate Heroic Ability): Press both shoulder buttons to shoot an AI-driven “smart arrow” that will seek out targets and deal heavy damage to them; this will hit up to 10 targets before finishing.