Defend Wormhole Digger At Singularity Walkthrough – Metal Gear Survive Chapter 21/22


In the previous Chapter 20, once you are done defeating Seth, AI Virgil tell you that Captain is also infected and after 12 days he will be one of the Wanderers. The only way to save him is to kill Lord of the Dust, which will also destroy the alternate timeline of each character home. In this walkthrough, you will see two Chapters. In Chapter 21 you will have to locate a memory board and later in Chapter 22 AI Virgil will give you the location of singularity. You have to deploy Wormhole Digger to the location and defend for three huge enemy attack waves.

Metal Gear Survive Chapter 21/22 Walkthrough

Secure Memory Board – Chapter 21 Walkthrough


Start with prepping all your supplies and ammo before heading to the main mission. After getting the location from AI Virgil goes through the map go to the FOB first. There is an active Wormhole Transporter on this location. You will spot the yellow circle on the right top of the map. Following the nearest transporter, you have to travel a bit to reach the location. Add the marker to stay on track. The place is infested with Wanderer’s a lot than before. You will reach a facility with an active transporter. Remember this place. Walk further ahead and you will reach a building with a container on the right side. You will get the recipe for Small Disc Case and Small Right Gadget Sling.

secure-memory-board-fob-1 secure-memory-board-fob-2

On the left end of the building, you will find a broken wall that will give you access inside. Pass the wall and there is a door in front. Unlock it and crossing the hall you will reach stairs. Go up and there will be another door. On your left, there is a room with a Wanderer inside. Another one will be on the stairs at the end of the room. There is a passage on the right side once you cross the stairs and then a door on the left. There is a few Wanderer’s inside. Take stairs from the left end and then there will be two doors, take the last one. Cross the hall and then go up. Fight the Wanderers and you will see the Memory board. Interact and then return to FOB to sync the Droid.

This completes the Chapter, during the last conversation Dan will ask you to find a location of new Singularity Areas. AI Virgil will give you the location.

Place and Activate Wormhole Digger at Singularity – Chapter 22 Walkthrough


After getting the location first try to get to the base camp to prep up your supplies. Craft new items on the basis of recipes you got from a container that can help you in the further mission. Once again you will have to add new facilities to the base in order to make it sustainable. So plant the required things like Campfire for food, Tent, Food Center, Farm, etc. This time you will have to walk on the west top of the map to locate the singularity point. You will cross through a field in your path which will be infested with Wanderers, you can avoid the enemies and walk ahead. But you have to fight with Mortar.

Place and activate wormhole digger at singularity:


Before placing the digger clears the remaining Wanderers in the area first. There will be a Mortar also on the top right, look over the ship debris. Kill it first and then go ahead with placing the digger. If you activated the digger, before killing him, you will have to spend a lot of time. Once done enemies will start approaching and you will have to defend it for 3.29 minutes. Take help from the mini-map to get enemies location. Try planting fences around the digger, in case you are somewhere far fighting the Wanderer’s will not be able to damage the digger. You will have to fight for three waves. Once done you will have to return to FOB.

This completes the Chapter 22, there is a will a short conversation and later you will head to your final missions. You can read our walkthrough on Metal Gear Survive Ending Walkthrough or you can also go through our Metal Gear Survive Wiki page for more updates on the game.