Metro Exodus – How To Get The Battery Charge Controller Upgrade


The battery charge controller is a suit upgrade that you can get pretty early in Metro Exodus. For the most part, you need to get lucky with finding where this is, but thankfully our guide will show you where to go. Read on to find out how to solve the awkward electric doors puzzle that will get you access to this useful piece of equipment.

How To Get The Battery Charge Controller Upgrade

Battery Charge Controller Map

First up, you need to know where to go. In The Volga, head for a small island in the middle of the river marked on the map with the number 1. Be careful in your boat, because small monsters and giant fish will more than likely try to eat you. Once you make it to the island, take a minute to clear out any enemies that might be there.

To the south of the island, you will find a long, wooden building that has a metal shed behind it. Behind the metal, shed will be a gas tank. Go and grab it, then head inside the shed and pour the gas into the generator there. Turn the generator on, then head for the long wooden building. There will be a metal door on the left, and you need to hit the switch beside that door.

Open the door, then walk outside and turn right, using the wooden planks you will find there to walk up on the roof. Turn right, and you should be able to see the neon glow of a mushroom. Besides the mushroom will be a hole in the roof you can use to drop down inside. Charge the yellow fuse box, then unlock the door behind you. Turn left to head back to the room with the big metal door from earlier.

Approach the door on the left, then hit the switch to the left of it. Open the door and go inside to find a pretty grizzly scene. There will be a man in there, hooked up to a machine that appears to be getting slowly electrocuting him in some weird experiment. Hit the yellow lever to put the poor soul out of his misery. Once the guy has finally died, you will be able to grab the battery charge controller from his smoking, ruined corpse.

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