Metro Exodus Enemies Guide: Where To Meet And How To Defeat Them


Metro Exodus is set in cold Russia, an inhospitable and dangerous place. Players will face all types of mutant creatures, fighting with strong teeth. In this mini-guide we will give you an overview of all the enemies in the game, explaining how to deal with them.

Metro Exodus Enemies: Where To Meet And How To Defeat Them

How To Defeat Humanimals

Metro Exodus Guide to Enemies

At first glance, these creatures can be mistaken for being human, but after the first close encounters, you will realize their aggression. They generally move in groups and often live in dark places or abandoned buildings. Their behavior is similar to that of monkeys, and they often use the debris as primitive weapons. Better not to get too close and eliminate them without making noise to avoid being overwhelmed, adopting a stealthy approach.

How To Defeat Mutant bear

Metro Exodus Guide to Enemies

This mutant bear is a lethal threat to anyone who meets him, man or beast. Its big bones and powerful muscles resist any firearm, apart from the heavier ones. Moreover, its thick fur makes it vulnerable to attacks with incendiary weapons. When you spot it, try not to get your attention.

How To Defeat Guardians

Metro Exodus Guide to Enemies

With protruding joints, scary claws and yellowed teeth, the guardians are among the most common creatures in the post-apocalyptic Russia of Metro Exodus. These ferocious mutants roam in packs in the streets and tunnels. A trained Spartan can easily defeat a guardian alone, but sentinels call for reinforcements if they are not eliminated immediately and without making noise …

How To Defeat The Wolves

Metro Exodus Guide to Enemies

Even if they are not mutant creatures, wolves remain hungry, territorial and extremely dangerous animals. Even a lone wolf can be a problem if it is not eliminated quickly. These animals tend to live in packs, so if you meet them you will have to have great cunning and a good aim to get out unscathed.

How To Defeat Demons

Metro Exodus Guide to Enemies

Demons appear like huge winged beasts. The inhabitants of Metro consider them among the most dangerous creatures ever. These beasts hunt themselves as monstrous birds of prey and, thanks to their strength, can capture prey of any size from the ground. Better to stay away from them, remaining hidden from their sight and choosing the best routes to avoid them.

How To Defeat Nosalis

Metro Exodus Guide to Enemies

The nosalis are active and aggressive mutants. They can travel great distances quickly, and often run along walls and load prey before killing it. These creatures prefer abandoned underground structures and falling buildings. They have a territorial nature and fiercely protect their nest. They are simple enough to kill when they are alone but almost unstoppable in a pack.

How To Defeat Crayfish

Metro Exodus Guide to Enemies

The prawns are crustaceans mutants that live near water. They have the armored carapace and become particularly aggressive to defend the territory. Females are often in the water and have the habit of turning in a pack. When they feel threatened, they attack from a distance spitting corrosive mucus to immobilize the enemy. The males, on the other hand, are more solitary and have armored plates on the forelegs that they use as sticks to attack. To defeat them you need to launch attacks with perfect timing.

How To Defeat Spiders

Metro Exodus Guide to Enemies

Spiders strike in the darkness, launching attacks from cocoons, cobwebs, and holes. In areas infested with spiders, it is always better to have a torch or fire with them to clear the area. The only thing that spiders fear is light. Exposed to a light source, in fact, they panic and die quickly if they can not escape.

How To Defeat The lookouts

Metro Exodus Guide to Enemies

Similar to the vulture, the lookouts are devious creatures who spend most of their time wandering to the surface in search of carcasses to feed on. They try in every way to avoid fighting and often run away at the first sign of danger. They attack only when they are in a group or if they are provoked. To hunt these creatures, you need swift reflexes, because they often attack and hide immediately throwing themselves into their burrows.

Learning to know the enemies is the first fundamental step to face them in the best way. Naturally, the resources and equipment at your disposal will also be a great help against external threats. This you will see in another guide, good reading and have fun.