Metro Exodus: How To Turn On Generator In Taiga Dam & Gas Tank Location


Most of the ambitions of the open world of Metro Exodus occur in the Volga and the Caspian, leaving Taiga as a wider corridor of open plains to explore. Here there will be resources, meetings, safes, but above all, a dam with a door to open that represents a real puzzle. Once you get here, however, it means you have almost reached the end of the game.

In this map, there is a small puzzle to solve to open the dam door.

How to open the door of the Taiga dam in Metro Exodus?

To open the dam door in Metro Exodus, turn on the generator present near the same door. The problem comes when you need to look for the location of the petrol tank. Here is our guide on how to turn on the generator but above all on how to find the fuel tank.

To open the door of the Taiga dam in Metro Exodus, you will need to activate the electric current generator. Next, to the door, there is, in fact, a switch that does not work without electricity. To activate the generator you will need a tank of petrol, but where is it?

How to find the gas tank and open the door of the dam

Near the generator is a tank of petrol, but unfortunately, that is empty, and then you have to look elsewhere.

  • Step 1: Go to the room where the door you need to open is present.
  • Step 2: Turn around the room. Exactly to you’re left you will see a tank of petrol hidden in the dim light.
  • Step 3: Take it and use it to power the generator.

Metro Exodus How to Turn On Generator in Taiga Dam

  • Step 4: Once the generator is turned on, go back and climb the stairs to the door.
  • Step 5: To the right of the door is the door switch, now you can press it, and you will see the door that opens up showing you another adventure to follow.

Metro Exodus How to Turn On Generator in Taiga Dam

This is all about opening the dam door in the Taiga chapter of the brand new Metro Exodus. Have fun and excellent adventures in rough Russia.