Monster Hunter World Iceborne: Celestial Illusion Achievement | Wintermoon Nettle Location


Monster Hunter World is more than slaying monsters. Some small monsters can be caught and kept as pets in your room. Just as with World, Iceborne has its own rare monsters and achievements. One of these is the Celestial Illusion Achievement.

The Celestial Illusion Achievement is rewarded to players that successfully capture the very rare Wintermoon Nettle. The Wintermoon Nettle is a beautiful sky jellyfish, for lack of a better comparison.

As the video above from Gaijin Hunter shows, reaching the location is the most challenging part of catching the Wintermoon Nettle. This area will probably take some practice to reach, as it involves some in-game parkour. Be ready to run along walls and leap to climbable sections, only to launch yourself to the next ledge. All of that assumes you don’t miss a hook and send yourself tumbling to the ground.

The Wintermoon Nettle will only spawn at night, so be ready to climb as soon as the sun starts to set. Quickly head to Area 13 on your map and begin your ascent. Just because it is night doesn’t mean that this majestic jellyfish will appear. On top of being time-sensitive and only spawning in a certain location, it only sometimes appears. As you climb, take note of any smaller floating creatures around, they may indicate the Wintermoon Nettle’s presence further up the mountain.

Once you reach the location, congrats, you’ve done the hard part. If the Wintermoon Nettle has spawned, you should see it flying in a slow, graceful circle around the peak. Now wait as it circles you until it’s close enough to catch it with the net. Be ready and don’t get distracted.

Capture it with the net and run back to your room to place your new sky jellyfish friend.