Minecraft Mobs List

These are all of the different mobs you can encounter in Minecraft

Image via Mojang

You can encounter a variety of different creatures and NPCs in Minecraft, much like the various enchantments you can use in the game. Some of these creatures you can freely approach and have no fear, while others are more than happy to attack you and start a fight. If you’re careful, you can even attempt to tame some of the creatures you find in the game.

We crafted a complete list of all the potential NPCs you can encounter in the game. These mobs vary from passive ones who wander around the world, to aggressive ones that chase after you attempting to take you down. Some of the passive mobs are available for you to tame, and even some of the ones you cannot tame, you can breed.

Passive Mobs

Any of the passive mobs will directly avoid fighting players, even if you attack them. When you attack them, most of the time they will flee in an attempt to evade you.

BatBats are mobs you find in caves. They do not drop any items.No
CatYou can find cats in villages, casually wandering around, and there are many different breeds.Yes
ChickenChickens move around and consistently lay eggs. They spawn throughout your Minecraft world, typically in jungles. They do not show up in snowy tundras.Yes
CodYou can find cod swimming throughout the ocean biomesNo
CowCows are excellent sources of leather, beef, and milk if you keep them in captivity. They spawn throughout the world, normally on grass blocks, and they have the chance to appear in villages inside of animal pens.Yes
DonkeyDonkeys provide decent leather and you can ride them.Yes
FoxYou can locate foxes in taiga and giant tree taiga biomes. If you’re looking for the arctic fox, you need to visit the snowy taiga biome. They make great companionsYes
HorseHorses come in a variety of different shades that can manifest through selective breeding in Minecraft, and you can ride them.Yes
MooshroomThese cows have mushrooms all over them that you can only find in the mushroom fields biome. Other than their appearance, they’re essentially the same thing as regular cows.Yes
MuleYou can create a mule by having a horse and donkey breed together. They do not naturally spawn in Minecraft.Yes
OcelotThese are a rare spawn you can find in the jungle biome. An ocelot will attempt to sprint away if an untrusted player approaches them.Yes
ParrotYou can find these colorful parrots in the jungle biome. They have the ability to mimic the sounds of nearby aggressive mob creatures and they can sit on your shoulder.Yes
PigYou can choose to harvest pigs for useful resources, breed them, or even ride them around the world.Yes
Puffer FishYou can find puffer fish in the ocean biome. They look like small fish, but if you get close they expand into a much larger form, and they can hurt you with their poisonNo
RabbitRabbits are a rare spawn you can find in several different biomes in Minecraft. There are six different variations.Yes
SalmonYou can commonly find and catch salmon in oceans and riversNo
SheepYou can sheer sheep for their wool to use in crafting. Sheep can show up as light gray, gray, and black, but they mostly spawn with white wool.Yes
Skeleton HorseA skeleton horse happens when lightning strikes a horse within a skeleton trap. Yes
SquidYou can find squids happily swimming about in almost any variation of water in MinecraftNo
Tropical FishThere are over 3,584 possible different colors of tropical fish swimming around MinecraftNo
TurtleTurtles traverse both land and the water biomes of Minecraft. You cannot tame them, but you can breed them.Yes
VillagerVillagers are human-like NPCs wandering around a spawned village. They have different outfits, and you can trade with them if you have any emeralds to offer them.No
Wandering TraderThe wandering trader looks like a villager with a blue robe around them. They have six trades to offer you if you have any emeralds to offer them.No

Neutral Mobs

Neutral mobs will not go out of their way to attack you. However, if you attack them, they will defend themselves.

BeeBees wander around the world seeking the pollen from flowers to create honey in their hives. You can breed them in a new beehive closer to your home to make it easier to benefit from their pollination talents
Cave SpiderThese spiders are like their regular variant, except they prefer to remain in dark caves rather than wandering around out in the wild.
DolphinDolphins are similar to squids, and you can normally find them in small groups exploring the ocean. If there’s a wall between two bodies of water they can jump over the wall.
EndermanEnderman are large, dark creatures with distinctly purple eyes that can spawn in any dimension in Minecraft. They can drop ender pearls if you attack them.
LlamaLlamas are tameable animals that you can use to carry large amounts of items while you wander the world. You cannot ride them, but you can place a lead on them to pull them in the correct direction.
Trader LlamaThe trader llama just like the traditional one, except it has been tamed by a wandering trader and they follow the trader around, protecting them if the trader is attacked.
PandaYou can find pandas in the jungle, and they have multiple personalities depending on how they spawn into the world. You cannot tame them, but you can breed them.
Polar BearYou can find polar bears in the icy biomes, wandering around looking for food.
SpiderThe regular spider can spawn in the world in almost any location, capable of climbing walls and spawning with different status effects attached to them, such as having additional strength of being invisible. They are hostile to players if it’s dark enough.
WolfYou can tame a wolf in Minecraft, and you can find them all over the world in a range of different biomes. When you tame them they have a collar around their neck.
Zombie PigmanZombie pigman spawn in the Nether, or if a pig gets struck by lightning.

Hostile Mobs

Any of the NPC mobs on this list will go after you if they see you. You want to make sure you defend yourself against them because they will chase after you and attempt to take you down. You want to have some decent equipment to fight most of them.

BlazeBlazes are flying enemies you can find defending Nether fortresses, and they typically come from a blaze spawner.
Chicken JockeyThis is rare spawn of a baby zombie of any variety riding a chicken, which will attack players on sight.
CreeperWhen a creeper sees a player they will chase after them. When they get close enough they start to light up, and then explode causing damage in a certain area.
DrownedThe drowned are the underwater zombies of Minecraft. If you kill them, they have the potential to drop tridents.
Elder GuardianElder guardians spawn in at underwater monuments, and there are always three of them here.
EndermiteEndermites are small, dark creatures with a purple aura around them. They have a chance to drop ender pearls when you defeat them.
EvokerThe evoker is a spellcasting version of the villager, which you can only find in woodland mansions and in raids. Defeating them is the only way to acquire a Totem of Undying
GhastYou can find ghats in The Nether, and they open up their eyes when they attack. You have to get close to one for them to start attacking.
GuardianGuardians are underwater creatures that swim around ocean monuments. If you move out of sight of a guardian they do not follow you.
HuskHusks is a zombie variant that you can find in the desert. When you get hit by one they apply the hunger effect on you.
Magma CubeThe magma cube is an aggressive mob you can find in The Nether, and they have a higher spawn rate at a nether fortress. When you kill a regular one, it splits off into smaller versions.
PhantomYou will start to see flying phantoms if your character does not sleep for three days straight in-game time. They are an undead foe that swoops down to attack their prey.
PillagerThe pillager is a hostile villager with a crossbow. You can find them spawning in small patrols, or at outposts they own. You can also find them spawning in raids.
RavagerA ravager spawns in during a raid that can attack you by lowering their head and ramming into you, causing you to be knocked back. When they die they always drop a saddle.
ShulkerA shulker is a mob you can find in end cities. They’re protected by a shell that they pop out of protection to fire out projectiles.
SilverfishYou can find silverfish inside of strongholds and mountains, crawling around and causing trouble.
SkeletonSkeletons are a common enemy you can find in the world, and they normally have a bow equipped. They can spawn in with small groups.
Skeleton HorsemanA skeleton horseman is a rare spawn in the game, where a skeleton is riding a skeleton horse, which comes from a skeleton trap.
SlimeYou can find slimes in underground locations or in swamps. They rush towards you by hopping in your direction, capable of dropping more slimeballs.
Spider JockeyThe spider jockey is a spider with a skeleton riding it, where both are attempting to attack you. The skeleton normally keeps it bow.
StrayThe stray is a frozen variation of the skeleton, which you can find in the icy biomes of Minecraft.
VexAn evoker will spawn in vexes to attack you. These are flying mobs with swords.
VindicatorVindicators are evil villagers with an iron ax. You can find them in mansions and in patrols with pillagers and evokers.
WitchYou can find witches inside of swamp huts. They can occur inside of a village if a villager is struck by lightning. They drop a variety of different items you can use for crafting.
Wither SkeletonA Wither Skeleton is a type of skeleton you can find inside The Nether, in the fortresses. They move much quicker when they rush after a player to attack them.
ZombieThe zombie is a common mob to run into anywhere in the world. They burn in the sunlight and attack almost anything they encounter.
Zombie VillagerA zombie villager is a villager who has been transformed into a zombie. You can use a golden apple and a weakness potion to return them back to normal.

Boss Mobs

These are the toughest mobs in the game. The boss mobs are ruthless to fight, and you better bring some of your best equipment and skills to take them down. They’re no pushovers, and you know they mean business because when you see them, they have a health bar with their name.

Ender DragonWhen you spawn into a location called The End, the Ender Dragon spawns into the game. After defeating it, you can spawn it back into the game to try and fight it again.
WitherThe Wither is a boss you can spawn into the game by placing four blocks of soul sand or soul soil together to make a ‘T’ shape. You then need to place three wither skeleton skulls on top of the ‘T’.