MLB The Show 21: How to add and remove pitches in Road to the Show

Playing around with different pitches?

Image via Sony San Diego

In MLB The Show 21, players will have a variety of customization options available in Road to the Show. Users can change the look of their players, as well as equip loadouts and even choose their start team. Additionally, players can also change their pitch repertoire, something that will be quite important should you go the pitching route.

So, how can you change your pitch arsenal in Road to the Show? Let’s go over what you need to do.

First off, it’s important to point out that your pitching build will have a default set of pitches. This will most likely be a fastball, changeup, and curveball. Once you become a pro, your minor league team’s pitching coach will come up to you and ask. If you want to start off with the default pitches, you can tell him that the pitching arsenal he described. Otherwise, you will need to go to Focus Training in order to change any of the pitches.

If you tell the coach that he is incorrect in describing your arsenal, you will then be prompted to go to the Focus Training screen. Here, you will be able to replace a pitch, and then choose a new one and learn it.

Once you have finished your initial setup, you can change your pitch arsenal during bullpen training sessions. When these pop up, go through the different sessions, and you will see options to replace pitches with new ones.

If you weren’t happy with your initial choices, the good news is that new pitches and be removed and replaced rather easily.