MLB The Show 21: How to choose a specific team in Road to the Show

Want to start on the right team?

Image via Sony San Diego

In MLB The Show 21, players can experience what it’s truly like to be an Major Leaguer in Road to the Show. In Road to the Show, users can build their own custom player from scratch, ranging from look and height, to even positions. You can even choose which team you start on, and here’s how you can do just that.

At the start of the Road to the Show, you will be on the phone with your advisor, who is a former coach. In that conversation, he will ask you which teams you have talked. Here, you can begin to define who you start with, and state that you have heard from one certain team in particular.

Here, your former coach will then guess a specific team. If that first guess is the correct team, you can respond and state that he guessed right. Otherwise, you can go through the different dialogs, and select the responses that fit your choice. For example, if you want to play for the Reds, and your coach names an American League team, you will need to shift the focus back to the National League and the NL Central and state that you want to play for an NL team, and so forth.

After you’ve done that, you can finish the conversation and go straight to the MLB Draft. Here, you should find that you were selected by the correct team.