The best shotguns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, ranked

The best weapons for close quarter encounters.

Shotguns have always been a reliable weapon in the Call of Duty franchise. If you are next to an enemy, there is no better option to dispose of the opposition. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare might have only a few choices in shotguns, but each is a powerful weapon to have in your loadout.

Here are the best shotguns in Modern Warfare ranked. Be sure to check out our rankings on the best Modern Warfare LMGsSMGs, and Launchers.

5. VLK Rogue

The VLK Rogue was added in Season Two of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and can only be unlocked by getting seven kills in 15 different matches with a shotgun that has five attachments on it, so you will be playing the game quite awhile before you can get your hands on it. It has poor range, even for a shotgun, and is one of the least damaging weapons in the class, with the lowest fire rate. With attachments, the gun can be pretty useful because there is a lot of customization to go along with its maneuverability, which is the best in the class, but having to put in the work to unlock those attachments leads us to stick with the other shotguns that have their uses and do not give as many headaches.

4. R9-0

The R9-0 is a double-barreled shotgun with an emphasis on close-range combat. While the range is not great on the gun, it is one of the more accurate and controllable shotguns in Modern Warfare. The range loss is a big sacrifice with the gun, but it still is not a terrible choice to use. However, every other shotgun in the game is probably a better choice, at least at launch. Every other shotgun in Modern Warfare has something about it that makes it a must pick. The R9-0 does not have that factor.

3. Model 680

The Model 680 is a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun that is well-rounded. Loading time on the gun is unbearable, but while loaded, the gun is lethal at a decent range. Unfortunately, with the gun being pump-action, you better finish the enemy off with the first shot; otherwise, you might be blown away. The spread on the gun is set just right to make it feel effective from a better range than the R9-0, but loading the shells in leaves you entirely open for fire for a prolonged period.

2. Origin 12

The Origin 12 is a semi-automatic shotgun with tons of ammo capacity. The mobility stat for the gun is off the charts. While it does not have great range, this gun will allow you to chase down your opponents and riddle them with shells. Level it up enough, and you can even attach a barrel capable of holding 25 shells in it before reloading. You essentially turn this shotgun into an LMG.

1. 725

The 725 is a break-action shotgun with a surprising amount of range to it and the most damage in the class. There will be plenty of situations where an enemy feels out of range and you will one-shot kill them. If you find yourself in tight spaces with a couple of enemies, the 725 is the best weapon for quick, efficient disposal. Even though there are only two shots before needing a reload, the reload speed is quick to keep you in the fight. The range and fast-firing nature of the gun easily make the 725 the best shotgun in Modern Warfare.