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Monark – All dormitory locker codes

This one is a real head scratcher.

During Monark’s story, you’ll end up attempting to clear the mist from a now defunct dormitory building. This section houses one mandatory safe and one optional safe, which are bound to stump players. Our guide will help you open both of the building’s lockers.

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Past the opening chapter, the next three chapters can be tackled in any order. The first year building, second year building, and club buildings must be completed before the next portion of the story begins. After doing so, you’ll have to navigate through the memorial garden before the dormitory building is within your grasp. You can read our guide for that section here.

Mandatory locker

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The mandatory locker is in the dormitory’s main hall/courtyard areas to the left of the locked doors. The locker code is 1245. Opening this locker rewards you with the cafeteria key, granting you access to the floor’s cell tower.

The note hanging above the locker makes mention of earthly desires indicating the time. This is referencing the room with the NPC, facing a wall with a clock. The locker’s code corresponds to the time displayed on the clock. The other two clocks in the dormitory serve no purpose other than to throw you off.

Optional locker

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This optional locker is found inside the room to your right from the courtyard’s entrance. The locker code is 0915. Your reward is the Fertile Ground IV memo.

The note inside this room reads, “This is 6 o’clock. Across the way is 12 o’clock. See where the long and short hands point. Know the time.” Imagine the floor as a representation of an analog clock. As the note states, the safe sits at the six position.

If you wander along the main hall, you’ll notice writing to the lefthand side that says, “short hand,” meanwhile the opposite end reads, “long hand.” These are easy to miss due to how thick the mist is. With that information in mind, the short hand rests at nine, while the long hand rests at three, giving us the answer to the locker code.

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