How to solve the Memorial Garden puzzle in Monark

A tricky puzzle with an abstract solution.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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You and your partner are on the hunt for the Pactbearer of Greed, residing in the Memorial Garden. Upon entering the garden for the first time, you will meet a student asking for help remembering one of the students’ names. Their name was on the grave behind her, but it’s been scratched out. Solve the mystery, and she’ll give you the Old Dormitory Gate Key, allowing you to progress. Here’s how to solve the Memorial Garden Puzzle in Monark.

We’ll tackle this in steps, so that if you think you can solve it with a little hint, you can. First, identify the important information — the Student ID has been etched into the grave, which should immediately tell you something based on previous puzzles you’ve completed. You’ll need to combine that Student ID with something else to unlock the answer. This is tricky because, unlike previous puzzles, you will have to exit the Mist area for the solution.

The student who is requesting your assistance is a Second-Year student. Head to the Second-Year Building and investigate the 2-B classroom. You should spot a flowerpot and a red sparkling icon. The icon is a letter, signed by your sister, which reads, “I tried really hard to find the flowers __ loved, ________… Rest in peace.” The important information here is the name of the letter.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Solution

Find a computer lab with a usable computer — the Programming Club Room in the Club Building works. Input the Student ID (020211010) and the Password (rosemary) to receive the file folder with the student’s name. Head back to the gravesite in the Memorial Garden and collect your prize. Don’t forget to ask Chiyo about the letter after defeating the Ideal encounter.