Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Aurora Somnacanth Guide – weaknesses, drops, and more

The Aurora Somnacanth will unleash a heavy ice blast against you.

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The Aurora Somnacanth in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a subspecies of the standard Somnacanth. It will have a handful of unique attacks and movesets compared to the regular ones you’ve fought in previous Monster Hunter Rise hunts. You’ll be battling against an Aurora Somnacanth in Master Rank quests.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Aurora Somnacanth guide

This guide will cover all Aurora Somnacanth’s weaknesses and materials it drops in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

All Aurora Somnacanth weaknesses

The Aurora Somnacanth is far more slippery than the standard Somnacanth. It naturally moves around in its environment, preferring to remain on the ice. It has a tremendously powerful ice breath attack that it sends out from its mouth, similar to the Goss Harag, but it’s easier to dodge and expose itself. The ice blast can be devastating, but the attack is quickly telegraphed when standing on all four legs. We recommend diving out of the way or using your Wirebug to jump out of the way.

You can use Slashing or Blunt based weapons against his monster. Both of them are effective but at different parts of the body. Slashing excels at dealing damage to the forelegs, whereas a blunt weapon will damage the head and hind legs more. If you use an Elemental weapon, avoid Ice, Water, or Dragon, and focus on Fire or Thunder.

Body PartsSlashingBluntAmmoFireWaterThunderIceDragon
Head Fin4545452501500
Hind Leg253015100500

All Aurora Somnacanth material drops

When battling against an Aurora Somnacanth, we recommend focusing on breaking the creature’s head fin, arms, and tail to obtain the Auroracanth Icescale and the Large Wyvern Gem. Outside of these two materials, capturing the Aurora Somnacanth is a good idea as you have a chance to acquire more items than purely carving it after beating it in a fight.

Material dropsTarget RewardsCapture rewardsBroken part rewardsCarvesDropped materials
Auroracanth Icescale21%17%96% from head fin, arm, and tail42%70%
Auroracanth Icecortex33%32%032%0
Auroracanth Fin14%080%10%0
Monster Slogbone10%9%014%0
Cryo Sac19%14%000
Large Wyvern Gem3%4%4% from head fin and tail2%1%
Auroracanth Iceclaw024%80%030%
Wyvern Tear000010%
Large Wyvern Tear000040%